[June in Japan] Day 9-10 in Tokyo

Since I’ve posted my first entry in 9 month just a few hours ago, I thought it’d be best to make a start on a new entry to get the momentum going. 🤣

There are only 2 days left for my June in Japan series so I thought I’d combine them together because we didn’t do that much in our last full day in Japan.

This is the first part of this amazing adventure in Japan last June (2016): [June in Japan] Day 1 in Kyoto

Previously, on our adventure: [June in Japan] Day 8 in Tokyo DisneyLand 

On our last full day in Japan, we went to Ikebukuro first. Lune wanted to try a choux cream there and we did find the place, it’s called Chouxcream Chouxcri

From the website, the one in the JR Ikebukuro station is near the South Exit. I remember that you will find it as soon as you exit the station at the right place.  


Here’s a picture of the place from lune, though this may be from the branch in Shinjuku rather than the one in Ikebukuro where we visited in 2016.

I also had my eyes on an apple pastry which was on the other side of the station. As long as you went out of the station at the right exit, you’d be able to smell the pastry from metres away.


The shop from the outside.


If I remembered correctly, you were only to go into the shop one at a time.


The pastry and the apple filling was good but it wasn’t mind-blowing.

After that, we went on a hunt for a Japanese curry place. We found that there is a curry place in Ikebukuro but it was a little bit of a walk. We managed to find it in the end (it was a bit obscure) but it’s more of an Indian curry place. It was still very good and it was an all-you-can-eat place!


I remembered that it was delicious though we couldn’t eat that much since we both had choux cream/apple pastry beforehand. 😂

Afterwards, we ended up in my favourite area of Tokyo: Shinjuku


We just walked around, did some last minute shopping. We also found a really good chocolate place in the NEWoMan area near the Shinjuku Southern Terrace called Pierre Marcolini Chocolatier. (Here’s the Japanese website if you’re interested.)


This is their cool chocolate drink and it was like drinking liquid chocolate. So. Good.

We then spent a bit of time, just lounging around that area and catch some great view.


In case we didn’t know where we were. xD


Got my wide lens out to capture this shot.

I picked this yoghurt drink up on the way back to our AirBNB flat.


Not going to lie, it got my attention from the package design. xD The marketing worked!

And here is the summary of how much we’d walked that day:



We packed that night and the next morning. Our flight was in the evening the next day but we booked the 12.40pm train to Narita International Airport.


I’ve bought this selection of food/snacks along the way and must have had it for breakfast.

We took the Yamanote train from Takadanobaba to Shinjuku (2 stops). As we were exiting the station, we walked past this mini choux cream place and I couldn’t resist trying them out.


We couldn’t choose the flavour of the filling, I don’t think, but I thought there were quite nice. However, when I went back to Shinjuku last year, the place has now changed to a souffle-pudding place instead…

Anyway, we left with ample time so we didn’t have to rush and so we had time to have an early lunch at around the same spot where we were the day before.


Yeap, another chocolate drink.

I couldn’t resist getting another chocolate drink, this time around it was with passion fruit flavour thrown in as well. I preferred the plain chocolate one actually…


And here is my lunch. I liked the pork cutlet at Maisen so I bought their sandwich from a supermarket near our AirBNB flat.


It was pretty good for a sandwich.


The weather was so lovely that day that we were a little sad because we had quite a few grey and wet days during our stay in Tokyo. 😂 Still, it was probably better not having to lug our luggage through the rain. xD


Our Narita Express ticket. We paid more for a shorter journey. It usually takes around an hour and a half to get from Shinjuku to Narita International Airport. Our flight was around 5pm so we made it with lots of time. (I’m that kind of people who like to get to the airport 3 hours before my international flights xD)


My last haul from that trip, which I must have enjoyed before we went through security. 🤣

And here is the final summary for the last day of our trip!


We landed in Bangkok safely and without delays and were already planning for our next trip. 🤣


It was a dream being able to take this trip to one of my favourite places in the world with one of my favourite people. We had a fantastic time exploring more of Japan as well as hitting the theme parks!

And with that, I can finally conclude our trip series! It’s taken nearly 3 years to complete this but better late than never! 😂 I’ll make another entry with all of the links in one place to make it easier for readers(?) to navigate.

Thank you so much to anyone who’s read it this far! I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I did during the trip.


With love,

From Hua Hin


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