[June in Japan] Day 7 in Tokyo DisneySea

Why, hello again. It is Wednesday night (4 April) so I thought I would try to write some bits up for a new post. Not sure when I’ll get around to finish this so I thought I’ll just add the date I start so I can keep track. 😂

Before I get started on one of the best days of (and one of the reasons why we planned for) this trip, if you haven’t read any of this review before and would like to start from Day 1, here is the first part of this amazing adventure in Japan last June (2016): [June in Japan] Day 1 in Kyoto

Previously, on our adventure: [June in Japan] Day 6 in Tokyo (a chill Sunday) 


Both lune and I are Disney fans and absolutely love the Disney theme parks. Tokyo Disney Resort is such an ideal destination because there are 2 Disney theme parks within a 6-hour direct flight from Bangkok, with only 2 hours time difference.

And because we are relatively hard-core fans (we like to think we are xD), we started of our journey relatively early. As in aiming to leave our room around 7am so we could be at the park before it opened.

From the time on my phone, we did leave our room around 7am and we both grabbed a quick breakfast from 7/11 on our way to the train station.


Onigiri with eggs boiled in shoyu. It was very good.

We might have taken the subway train and then switched over to JR line to head to Maihama JR Station because that might have been a quicker route than taking the JR train then having to switch at Tokyo Station…? I seem to remember crowding into the subway with the morning rush hour…

Anyway, we reached the station just after 8am and went to catch the monorail to get to Tokyo DisneySea or TDS.


The decorations were all about the 15th Anniversary for Tokyo DisneySEA and it was all about wishes and crystals.

The first time I visited TDS, I thought that we could walk from the Maihama JR station to TDS without that much trouble. I didn’t want to ‘waste’ the fare for the ride (and back then it was 250 yen per ride, no matter where you are heading. I believe the fare has gone up to 260 yen now.)

I found out that it was a lot more complicated trying to walk to the TDS and I thought I wouldn’t make it to the park. Thankfully we managed to fumble our way to the entrance without wasting too much time. After that, I always use the Monorail instead. ^^”


Duffy themed handle on the Monorail.

We must have arrived before or around 8.30am but there were already so many people at the park. 😂

The weather wasn’t too hot and the sky was crystal clear. Definitely a beautiful day to take photos.


The voyage to search for crystals was what inspired the theme, I think. Hence this huge and beautiful centre piece at the front. I only spared enough time to snap a quick photo though because my main goal for visiting theme parks is the rides and there was one ride I needed to hurry to get the FastPass ticket.


The decoration at the entrance to the park itself.

If anyone is interested in what TDS park looks like, here is the map of it: Map of Tokyo DisneySea


There were already people sitting and waiting to see a show by the Mediterranean Harbor!

Lune and I quickly walked and turned left into American Waterfront and found…


This long queue. 😱😱😱

But did we let this deter us? No, definitely not. (Like I’ve mentioned before, we are relatively hardcore fans. xD) And the ride this queue was for is definitely worth the wait. Mind you, this is only the queue for the FastPass only. The stand-by queue for the ride itself is about 3 hours long on average on a normal day at the park. 😂

Which ride is this?

It’s the Toy Story Mania!


Here is the FastPass for the ride. I was quite happy that we were able to get the FastPass for it before it ran out! And if you look closely at the time on the bottom right, it tells you when we got this pass. At 8:52am. And the time on this FastPass is already at 17:45-18:45 time slot.

This just goes to show how popular this ride is. And I can confirm that it is worth the hype. I didn’t think much of it before, partly because I’m pretty ambivalent about Toy Story. But the ride is so well known and  there were always super long queues so I never thought that it’d be worth it.

Then during the trip back in April of 2015 where I went to TDS with my cousin and another friend. I thought I really check it out so we basically went to this ride first to get the FastPass (like what we did here) and it should have been a clue to me how great the ride is since the FastPass time was already at 4pm even though we got out FastPass before 10am.

Turns out that it was the only ride to have given out all of its FastPass that day. (The other rides closed their FastPass booth around after lunch because there weren’t that many people there because it was pouring cats and dogs on that day.

And because it was such a wet day, there were no shows for us (boo) so we ended up going back to queue for the stand-by line for Toy Story Mania! twice more. The ride was that good. 😂

Anyway, we got our FastPass this time and so I could finally relaxed and take in the decorations. We visited Tokyo DisneySEA at the end of June so the decorations for Tanabata was up.


We are still in American Waterfront area.

We each got a card below to write our wish on, and we went to hang it up in the designated area.


Here is a picture to show how Disney loves to use the theme and adapt it to include their characters. I love it.


Tanabata princess Minnie

We walked by the Waterfront Park, in front of the Tower of Terror to snap a picture below.


You can see children playing with the fountains to stay cool as well.

Another thing I always have to do when I find myself in TDS is to get the hot dog in American Waterfront area at a place called Delancey Catering (I just found this out from the website xD it’s actually just a hot dog wagon).


I don’t think it’s a spectacular hot dog but I love hot dog and I just have to get at least one every time I visit the park. xD

We then made our way around to go to the Lost River Delta area, which is at the back of the park. We must have cut across Mysterious Island, may be to check how long the queue for Journey to the Center of Earth was, and I suppose it was long so we forwent it for now and just use the path to go from the west side to the east side of the park. On the way, we passed by a point where there is a perfect spot to take a photo of the Mermaid Lagoon.


I absolutely love this picture. It’s got such great lighting from the sun and with that clear, blue sky backdrop. So. Beautiful.

We also passed by the entrance to Arabian Coast and there is a stall for curry flavoured popcorn, which is one of the few flavours I like for popcorn here in Tokyo Disney Resort. 😂


I got the paper bucket one because there was no way I could finish the huge bucket all by myself.

And then, because it was so hot, we also stopped by the Sultan’s Oasis cafe for some shaved ice to cool down.


Strawberry and milk shaved ice

I think this was my first, and only, shaved ice (or kagigori in Japanese) during this trip. I love shaved ice and it’s such a great way to cool down on a hot summer’s day. Shaved ice is also very popular in Japan during its summer months but I always find it a tad too expensive. So when the novelty of having kagigori in Japan wore off, I kinda stopped getting them even when I visited during summer.

However, I make it an exception here in TDS. It’s a nice way to stop and take a little break from all of the walking and enjoyed a bit of sweetness and icy snack.


Anyway, we soon made it to Lost River Delta and the first ride we went on was Raging Spirits.


It is advertise as the only ride in Tokyo Disney Resort with a 360 degree loop. There is one but it’s pretty small and it’s actually not that scary. xD We didn’t use a FastPass for this ride. Instead, we used the Single Rider option. It’s for not letting any spare seats go to waste and there is no guarantee how long the wait would be. But the line is always shorter and I think the wait time is shorter than the stand-by queue.

I actually have stood in the cold for this ride, waiting for 2 and a half hours in the stand-by once when I came during Christmas time in 2013. That, was an experience. 😂


After Raging Spirits, we then moved to the ride next to it, which Indiana Jones® Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull.


It is another thrill ride with a FastPass option available. But again, why waste a FastPass when there is a Single Rider option available. ;p It worked out quite well for me and lune this time around.


Oh, look! It’s nearly the end of May now (29 May) so this post is 2 months in a making! Let’s see how much I can get done today.

After the Indiana Jones ride, we walked back to Mysterious Island again. On the way, I spotted this plane and the name on it: C-3PO! At first I thought that it’s a reference to Star Wars C-3PO, turns out it’s a plane from Indiana Jones. 😂



At Mysterious Island, we went on Journey to the Center of the Earth. It’s a ride inside the Volcano in the park. I think we took the standby queue rather than having a FastPass. There is no single rider line here either.


There are a couple of things to have a look at while you queue up in here and the ride is worth the wait.

After Journey to the Center of the Earth, we went to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. This is another attraction with FastPass available but the queue is not long at all for the past few times I’ve been to Tokyo DisneySEA. Sometimes, there are no FastPass available because it’s not needed with the short queue. I’ve been on it when I first visited the park and wasn’t that impressed with the ride. But since it’s lune’s first time here, we went on it.


After a hot morning, it’s time to refill our energy with this energy drink.


Grape flavour, very good. Highly recommended!

We also managed to catch a bit of the show in the Harbor as we were walking back towards American Waterfront.



We went to American Waterfront for this:


A FastPass for Tower of Terror! We actually waited quite a bit to get a night-time time slot to see the view at night. And we had to aim for a time slot after the night show and fireworks.

After that, we took a stroll down to Cape Cod to get some beautiful photos.


I love Chip&Dale!


We made a brief stop at this popcorn stall for a sea salt flavour popcorn as per lune’s request.


And then we headed into Mermaid Lagoon.


Hello Ariel!


Look at this beautiful blue sky backdrop…


I also have just noticed the small details in Mermaid Lagoon as well. Look at these tiles!


It’s an indoor area with air conditioning so it’s a nice place to have a sit down during the heat.


After Mermaid Lagoon, we were on a hunt for lunch. Lune said that she wanted hamburgers. Somehow, we thought that there’s a restaurant in Mediterranean Harbor so we headed back that way.


Turns out, we were wrong xD This is Cafe Portofino which serves Italian food, lol. It’s my first time eating in a restaurant in Tokyo DisneySea I think. (I normally go for a quick service counter instead.)


It’s spaghetti with tomato sauce and shrimp. I also ordered a glass of orange juice (I think). It was all delicious!


Beautiful interior design as well!

After lunch, we took a stroll at the back of the restaurant where it looked like we were in Southern Italy.


We pretty much have been on all of the rides we want (the ones that are left, we have FastPass for) so we had time to walk around and chill.


We also took lots and lots of photos xD I also took the opportunity to use my macro lens and snapped a few pictures of the flowers.


Above are photos with the macro lens. Below are the flowers I took the pictures from.



We also had time to go outside and take a picture (or two) of this ship from the Tokyo DisneySea’s 15th Anniversary.



Afterwards, our beautiful, clear blue sky slowly disappeared as you can see from the pictures below…


Along the border between Mediterranean Harbor and Mysterious Island.


We also had some gelato because chocolate gelato. xD



You might have noticed that we were just chilling around, almost like we were waiting for something right?

We were waiting for this.




Below are pictures of some of the interior design inside.


All of the decor makes us feel like we are really toy-size and are about to step into Andy’s bedroom. The first time I’ve gone inside, I was in awe of the theming. This, is what makes Disney Resort so captivating to me.

And here are our scores! Mine is the red one 😀


It must have been 6pm or close to that time when we came out and found a seat for the night time show. We then took turns to go buy food for dinner.

I went for a bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese from New York Deli.


And here is one of my favourite snacks, a caramel filling Tokyo Banana cake.


We also saw the Volcano erupting! I think this happens everyday, roughly around this same time.


The sun slowly set as we waited.


The show that I always made a point to camp out to get the best seat is Fantasmic. I don’t really watch shows or parades at Tokyo Disney Resort anymore other than Fantasmic and the night time firework.


Such a joy to watch, no matter how many times I’ve seen it before…


Thank you for another fab show!


After Fantasmic, we went to Tower of Terror to use our FastPass. We waited for a time slot that will be after Fantasmic so we can get the night view of the whole resort.


And we found out that there was some technical difficulty. 😂 It did start running again and they let the fastpass holders go in first. I felt quite bad because other people in the standby queue must have been waiting for long.

And I’m not going to lie, I was a little bit worried that something might have gone wrong while we were on the ride itself as well. 😂 But everything was fine!


Afterwards, we strolled out of the Tower of Terror to make our way out of the park.


For all of the times I’ve been to DisneySea, I still haven’t gone into see the Big Band Beat. I may have to try the ballotting in earnest from now on. 😂


One last shot of the 15th Anniversary ship!


Bye bye, DisneySea! See you again soon!


We took the monorail back to Maihama JR station to go back to our hotel.


Total walking distance overall. This seems to be the average for a day spent in Tokyo DisneySea.

Lune and I had such a great time and it was fab to have the lovely weather for most of the day.

Tomorrow, Tokyo DisneyLand! Don’t know when that entry will be written and posted 😂 but hopefully it won’t take another 3 months. 😂

With love,

From BKK


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