[30 Day Writing Challenge] Day 29

As always, here is the list of all of the 30 day challenge I am doing at the moment.

Disclaimer: All of the characters are fictional. Any details that may be similar to a real person is entirely coincidental.


It was a cloudy day. There was a breeze here and there but it wasn’t cold. The weather had been getting warmer gradually and I was just happy to be out of the house.

However, my feet had taken me up a hill and turned towards an unfamiliar ground.

Well, unfamiliar in a sense that I had never stepped foot in here before.

I had been walking pass the Trenzalore Cemetery even since I had moved into this town but had never gone in before. A cemetery wasn’t really a place you would want to just take a stroll around anyway.

But today, as I was in a mood, I just went where my feet took me. So here I am.

I didn’t feel like I want to take a walk around this place, I didn’t want to be disrespectful towards the dead and all, but my feet kept moving.

Before I knew it, I was tracing over the words on the gravestones with my eyes, one by one.




And then my eyes caught on a smaller gravestone.

Lora Veronika Acquati

A darling daughter and sweet sister.

In ever loving memory. 

I found it a bit odd that she was only referred to as a daughter and sister until I did the maths in my head from the year.

She was only 4 years old.

I was hit with a sense of sadness.

Lora Veronika Acquati

She sounds like a cheerful little girl, with pigtails and bright smiles. I could see that the area around her gravestone was well-tended to and I imagined one of her family regularly.

I wondered if she died of sickness or an accident. Neither one was better than other. Though I suppose, I would like to think that she led a happy life. Perhaps she was the youngest one in the family, doted on not only her parents, but her siblings too.

May be, her siblings were much older and they all spoiled her a little. A big brother who would give her piggy back rides and a sister who would sing to her at night.

A father who was never short of soothing words and a mother who gave the warmest hug.

4 years were a blink of an eye. A time too short, a family robbed of many more happy memories.

I wondered if Lora liked to play with dolls or run outside more. May be she would beg to go out to fly a kite on a Sunday.

I let me myself conjured up a picture of her with an ice-cream cone in the sweltering summer. I saw a little girl with a beautiful smile building a snowman with her friends. May be she liked playing pirates with her family.

I hoped, dearly, that the family was doing ok. A blow like this was hard to recover from.

Hopefully, they could all smile at the memory of this little girl now.

Lora Veronika Acquati

May you rest in peace. 


Day 29 —You are at a cemetery reading gravestones.  Write about one of the people you find.

This was a bit more difficult but wasn’t too bad. As I was writing and look for names, I just had a sense that I wanted to make this a bit of a sad one. And a child passing before their time is always heartbreaking.

The age of the girl was from the last line of one the poems I still remember very well even though it has been over a decade now since I’d studied it in school.

“A four-foot box, a foot for every year.” Mid-Term Break by Seamus Heaney

It still breaks my heart a little reading this poem now. But it’s also so beautifully written.


Right, I think I’ll end the entry here. One more challenge left! Can’t wait for it xD


With love,

From GZ


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