[30 Day Writing Challenge] Day 26

As always, here is the list of all of the 30 day challenge I am doing at the moment.

It’s a non-creative one so here is the prompt:

Day 26 —Write about your worst habit.


Oh this one is super easy. The name of my blog should be a giveaway.

My worst habit is, absolutely, procrastination.

I do not work well without a deadline. I’ve been swamped with work recently because this exact habit. I know it’s bad and I know I should do something about it, but I keep putting that off too.

I always have things that gravitate me away from work. The motivation to do any work is difficult to come by unless it’s a deadline. I can’t even work with a self-imposed deadline because, deep down, I know that I can postpone it.

Mind you, the high I get when I do do work before the deadline is looming is pretty sweet. Just, not good enough to get me addicted.

I wonder if I’m slowly getting better at the self-imposed deadline… May be. I find that not letting myself think of the ‘real’ deadline helps. And I keep trying to remember how great it is to feel that high when I finish work early.

Hopefully, I’ll get better at not procrastinating.

Because most of the time, I end up doing something completely useless or even pointless. Like re-watching things on Youtube for the fifth times and just let time slips by. Or scrolling down my home feed on Facebook and just stares aimlessly at the posts. Or scroll down my own timeline to see the same thing for the hundredth time. It’s definitely not a healthy habit.

So yeah, I’m hoping to slowly cut-back on my procrastinating habit. I suppose it’s not the worst habit in the world because I do still get work done in time. However, I stress quite a bit so when work swamps me I get stress and I really only have myself to blame. Also, this habit leads to a lot of my own creative things get the backseat.

This writing challenge is a good thing for me actually because I got quite a bit of things I wanted to write done. So having a challenge like this is good. I don’t think it’s sustainable for me to do forever, however, may be being firm on updating at least once a week would be a good thing. There are definitely a lot of things I want to write about on my blog.

So yeah, that’s pretty much it for my worst habit in my opinion.

I am definitely a professional procrastinator.


Not quite making it to the 500-word mark but I don’t want to just drag it out. I also should get back to work. Procrastinated the whole day yesterday, even though I didn’t even leave my apartment. So have quite a bit to get done today. Thankfully, already done a quarter of the work and it’s only midday. There is hope… ish. ^^”

Hope you guys are having a lovely weekend!

With love,

From GZ


PS – My landlord wants to sell the apartment so people has been visiting my place. A lady turns up this morning to look at the apartment. Ok, that’s nothing unusual. She also brought me some food for breakfast… ok, that’s quite kind of her.

She’s also really friendly, trying to talk to me in her broken English. I’m always a bit more awkward at these things so I just replied with short, simple sentences or smiles.

And then her friends turn out to be late so she’s been waiting in my living room for more than 2 hours now. Now this is the first time it has happened… ^^” The bright side of this is that it actually made me get on with work. The down side is I was planning to work on the desk in the spare bedroom but now I can’t because I don’t want to leave her alone in my living room.

She told me that they are coming at half past twelve so I’m hoping they would turn up right about now, lol. *Fingers crossed*


PPS – My healing toe isn’t too pleased with the coldness… The bright side, though, is that I can wear my house slippers again! I need it to keep my right foot warm…

Also, finally the sun is out and it’s pretty windy. So the perfect weather for doing the laundry ;D




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