[30 Day Writing Challenge] Day 23

As always, here is the list of all of the 30 day challenge I am doing at the moment.

Another a creative one, blimey! Here goes.


The sun is shining brightly when she wakes up. Or, well, she thinks it’s shining brightly. The sunshine doesn’t quite reach her home underground. She shakes her pale pink fur to wake up. Her long ears twitch before she hops to find some breakfast. There are some carrots left from yesterday and they are still as delicious.

She has a busy day ahead of her. Work in the garden first, then meeting the others in the afternoon.

When she climbs up from her hole, she sees her garden first. The place where she has sweated over since Winter has said goodbye.

Her vegetable is growing quite nicely and she thinks her berries will give their fruit soon. She cannot wait to eat them.

She picks up her gardening tools, puts on her straw hat and gets to work. The morning is the best time to do work since the sunshine isn’t too hot or bright yet. The cabbage needs tending to today while the turnips and potatoes are ready to eat.

She hums a nameless song as she works. She waters the plants last before calling it done for the day. She’s thinking about expanding the garden for a blackberry bush too…

Lunch is a simple potato salad down in her home. She takes a shower to wash away the dirt from her morning work too before going out to see her friends.

The Blue Bird and White Goose are planning to go have a look at the new pond on the other side of the wood today. She doesn’t have such a high hope for it though. The last time the Blue Bird got excited over something he sees, it turned out to be something disappointing.

However, she is glad to be wrong. The pond turns out to be not too small and water is just cool enough for the afternoon sun. The White Goose really likes it and she won’t complain about having a new place to lounge near by either.

Swimming isn’t really her thing though so she is more than happy to sit by the edge and makes friends with the frogs. The Blue Bird alternates between keeping her company and splashing around with the White Goose.

They stay at the pond till evening before they head back to their home. They make plans for a picnic with other animals in a week’s time before they say goodbye. She is pretty sure her fruit should be ripened by then. May be bake some cake and make jam to top it.

Or may be carrot cake. That never fails to please everybody.

Dinner is a bowl of vegetable soup. She thinks about foraging the forest tomorrow to find some mushroom. It has been a while since she has some nice, creamy mushroom soup. And it goes well with her carrots.

She reads her book in bed before her eyes start to droop and she realises that she’s been reading the same sentence twice.

Time for bed then.


Day 23 —Pretend you’re a cartoon character.  What type of a character would you be?  What would a day in your life be like?

This was a difficult one. I started writing, thinking that it has to be a childhood cartoon character inspired which was how I came up with this character. And then I read the prompt again and realised that it didn’t have to be a cartoon character from my childhood. But I couldn’t think of any other ideas so I just kept going with the original xD

I apologise for the lack of creativity. I mean, a bunny doing gardening and being friend with a bird and a goose (who was a duck first, then got changed to a goose just now)?

Hope it wasn’t too rushed either… I am tired now though and sleep is calling me.


With love,

From GZ


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