[30 Day Writing Challenge] Day 18

As always, here is the list of all of the 30 day challenge I am doing at the moment.

Here is my entry for today’s prompt.


You can’t help but to grip the seat belt across your chest. Even though there is a barrier between you and the air outside, you can almost imagine the wind that would be blowing on your face with the speed we are going.

It might look good in the movie but this is real life. You are definitely more tensed than the one between the wheel but is that really a surprise? You knew what you were getting yourself into when you reluctantly agree to get into the car. Not that you could’ve said no, family member and all. Still, you kind of wish you have.

The car turns sharply and you think your knuckles are probably white now.

“Watch where you are going!!” The yelling from the driver seat made you close your eyes. Another sharp swerve and you send a prayer out to whoever is listening.

Please, you think almost desperately, if I make it out alive I will-

You would have been thrown out of the front window if it isn’t for the seat belt. You feel like your neck almost snap as the car breaks so suddenly from such speed.

“Why are you crossing now?! Don’t you have eyes to see that a car is coming?!?” The yelling is expected, the middle finger, not so much. But again, not really a surprise.

You know you have made some questionable decisions in your life, but this is probably in that top 5. You wonder dazedly if jumping out of the car now would be safer than to stay.

The buildings outside tell you that it’s not too far now till the destination and you hope and wish and pray that you will get there in one piece.


Day 18 —Take a reader behind the wheel with the worst driver you’ve ever known.

I actually can’t decide who would be the worst driver I’ve ever known because I actually don’t worry too much when I am in the car. So I’ve taken this prompt down a more creative route ;D And I know that it’s a bit short but I really don’t have much idea for this one… ^^”

On another note, it has been such an unproductive day for me. Brought work home which I haven’t touched yet. What I have been doing, however, is listening to the soundtrack of La La Land. Oh, my goodness. I love the soundtrack of this film!! And the sets and costumes were so beautiful… Quite a joy to watch Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling too so it was a great day to spend part of a Friday night 😉

I’m going to sign off here now and try to be a bit more productive… *sighs*

Have a great weekend guys!


With love,

From GZ


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