[30 Day Writing Challenge] Day 16

As always, here is the list of all of the 30 day challenge I am doing at the moment.

I’m half way through! Eeeeeeee

So without further ado, here is my entry for today’s prompt.


I have never really thought about types of ghost before but I suppose there are a few out there. If we talk in the broad sense, I would like to see a ghost that is peaceful. As in please don’t get violent and kill me.

Yes, I went there. Hey, I’ve got to cover my bases. And really, do you blame me? With all of the media with the horror genre, I really can’t handle them. I would read the story line on wikipedia (I’ve read many), but I would not even watch the trailer, let alone the film itself. It’s like roadkill, you can’t look away. Except with me, once I’m interested in the story, I would like to know how it ended. But not with visual because visuals will haunt me longer. I just enjoy reading about them in a short text form.

Anyway, back to this. Assuming that all of the ghosts I can see would be peaceful, I would like to see one from centuries ago… Just so I can see how they would dress and behave. I don’t really have a specific era per se, I will take whatever I can get.

To be able to see a pre-historic human would be a great opportunity too. I’ve watched this documentary called ‘The Incredible Human Journey’ by the BBC and it got me interested in the history of the human race.

I think, though, that to see any ghost from any time in the history beyond 100 years ago would be fantastic.

If I have to go deeper and use the word ‘ghost’ as a permission to see one dead person, I would pick Jane Austen.

(Now this was tough. I thought of William Shakespeare too as well as a few other historical figures in Thailand. As well as my late grandmother. But I don’t want to go down a melancholy route so the author of-

Wait. Terry Pratchett. And Alan Rickman. Ahhhhhh.

No, I think… I will still go with Jane Austen. Goodness that was a tough decision!)

Anyway, I was going to say that I chose Jane Austen because she wrote one of my favourite books of all time, Pride and Prejudice. It is so witty and ironic and it gives me so much joy. That opening line of the book is just pure gold.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

So. Good. I really love it, the best opening line to any book ever. So I would just like to meet the writer of this, Jane Austen, and thank her and pick her brain a little.

So, I suppose the type of ghost I would like to see is a peaceful one from the 18th century…?


Day 16 —If we assume ghosts are real, what type of ghost would you like to see?

That was a bit of an unconventional one! I really didn’t know where to go and just kind of ramble and found excuses to gush about Jane Austen a little, lol. And I will also be out tomorrow evening so I’m going to go ahead to the next entry now xD


With love,

From GZ


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