[30 Day Writing Challenge] Day 13

As always, here is the list of all of the 30 day challenge I am doing at the moment.

Here is my entry for today’s prompt.



It’s blimming cold even though it’s in the middle of the day and the sun is out.She knows that it is February, which is typically the coldest month of the year, but God she hopes that Spring will come soon.

The power walk from her car to the building isn’t that long but she still feels like her ears may have fallen off from the cold. She keeps forgetting to bring her knitted hat with her.

There aren’t that many shoppers around since it’s a weekday. She’s actually nipped out of work during the lunch break to pick up some prints she has developed.

She doesn’t normally have any pictures developed anymore since it is much more convenient to take and keep the photos on the smartphone. Not to mention uploading them on facebook and all. It is a bit of a pain when the phone’s memory becomes full but she finds that in the past couple of years, she doesn’t feel the need to look through physical photo albums.

However, this is for work so she’s getting it done at the nearest place, which is Costco. She looks at her watch to see if she has time to do a bit of shopping since she was already here before power-walking towards the photo sections.

She idly thought of what possible things she can buy from Costco that won’t go bad in the afternoon because she doesn’t have time to go drop her things back at home first.

“Thank you,” she says to the staff that hands her the thick envelop. She opens it up to check the prints inside.

Everything looks good until she gets to the second half of the pile. In between a photo of a beach and a rain forest, there is a picture of a dark dome with red and blue.

She does a double take and looks at the picture again to realise that it is a picture of a chocolate dessert.

A laugh escapes her because it is all so… unexpected.

The dessert is almost a full sphere, with a raspberry and a blueberry on top (that explains the red and the blue her brain registered first). Around the dessert itself are some sort of crushed nuts, which look kind of like small pebbles surrounding the chocolate dome.

She first thought that the chocolate ganache is so shiny that it reflects off the light until she realises that it’s actually a piece of gold on top of the dessert. Well, gold seems to be popular these days for decorating food so she really shouldn’t be surprised.

The more she looks at the picture, the more she would like to try it in real life. It looks quite pretty and she wonders if it will taste as good as its look.

She thinks about the closest patisserie to her workplace or home and realises there is none at all. She sighs and resigns to get some chocolate from Costco just to tide her over.


Day 13 —Write about a random picture you would find in an envelope of finished prints at Costco.

I hope this works! I was initially going to go for something more serious or Valentine’s related and then thought, nah. Let’s try something new instead. xD

I feel like most of my entries so far for this challenge have been quite serious so I have to try something different. This is what the challenge is about for me, a chance to try out different writing styles and themes. To explore and dabble.

And I know the prompt seems to want me to write it from my own perspective but I’ve never found any random picture at Costco before. I didn’t even know you can do prints at Costco! xD So I took some liberties and went a bit creative with it xp

So yeah, I hope anyone who reads this enjoys it! I am pretty tired now, haven’t been going to bed early for these past couple of days so I’m going to (try to) be good tonight and get an early night. No more Youtube. I think that is the key xD

Hope your Monday is/has been a good one!


With love,

From GZ


PS – the weather is warming up again but it’s got to that point where it is colder inside than outside *sighs*.

PPS – Made some lemon drizzle tray bake today!


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