[30 Day Writing Challenge] Day 12

As always, here is the list of all of the 30 day challenge I am doing at the moment.

Day 12 —What is your favorite day of the week?


I’ve been thinking about this since I finished my entry yesterday.

I think for a short and traditional answer, I will say that my favourite day of the week is, of course, Saturday.

It’s the first day of the weekend. I can have a lie in. I normally have something fun plan for Saturday too, go out, see friends and/or family, eat good food, etc.

And then I can stay out (or in) late because the next day is still another weekend. There are usually great TV programmes on Saturday too.

However, if I can be less conventional, I would like to say that my absolute favourite day of the week actually starts after work on Friday xD I actually like Friday night more than Saturday night. That feeling of ‘it’s the start of a break’ is the absolute best.

So if we take the day of the week being a 24-hour period. It would start straight after work on Friday. By that point in the week, I would normally have reached my limit for work and would be able to put anything that has been worrying/stressing me out at work out of my mind. At least for 24 hours.

When I’m in GZ, I would almost always go out on Friday. Looking back on it… I think I’ve always been out on Friday night. Even though I don’t drink, I appreciate that sweet drink after work to wind down and relax with friends. Take this weekend of example, I went to Taojin area for dinner at the Garden Hotel (Ladies Night!). The dinner doesn’t start till 6pm and we were in the area by 5pm.

So we hit Starbucks and I had a blackcurrent and raspberry tea I think. It was very good, really like it. But see, I would rather go and hang out somewhere out rather than going home to get change or something. I always rather go out straight from work because coming home first tends to make me feel like a hassle. (I’ve done it once or twice though when I have other things to take with me for dinner. If it’s about clothes though, I would rather taken them to change at work with me than to come home xD

When I was in uni in England, I don’t think I ever spent Friday night by myself. I was always with friends. Heck, when I was in uni, it didn’t matter what day of the night it was. A friend has commented once that I behaved rather differently when I was away from home compare to when I was at home.

(When I’m in Bangkok, we usually have to make plans. When I’m away from home, you can call me at 6pm and I would be down for meeting up for dinner at 6.05pm xD Well, when I was in uni anyway. And that did happen many times, lol. Ah, good times.)

Anyway, I would like to make my final answer for favourite day of the week be the 24 hours start from when I get out of work on Friday 😉


Ah, this was pretty easy to type out too. Though I wasn’t sure if I would make it pass the 500 words mark or not. So I kept rambling on xD

I am procrastinating from work at the moment, hence updating today’s prompt so early… Got work to do but don’t want to do it ><

Anyway, hope you are having a fantastic weekend!


With love,

From GZ


PS – Feel like I may have some stomach problems again. Urgh. Hopefully not…

PPS – Stayed around the area where I live last night. Had Korean fried chicken then sat a a nice, local bar after from some sweet, non-alcoholic drinks and chat with friends xD


Look at how pretty this drink is! And it tastes delicious too, my favourite drink at this place.

The strawberry flavour is not too strong and there’s something else that kind of reminds me of, like, strawberry yoghurt drink…? But not too strong. Very lovely for any evening 😉


The layers are, I believe, passion fruit syrup, sprite, pineapple juice from bottom to the top.

I usually only end up having one drink but last night I wanted more sweet drinks so got this one too. It’s too much on the sweet side for me. And the pineapple juice is too artificial to my taste too but I wanted something sweet and fizzy so this fit the bill last night.

PPPS – My 50th entry on WordPress! Whoop whoop!



  1. krvarner · February 12, 2017

    I’m doing one of these challenges too! so fun and gets you thinking.


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