[30 Day Writing Challenge] Day 11

As always, here is the list of all of the 30 day challenge I am doing at the moment.

It’s another non-creative one so here is the prompt:

Day 11 —What was your first childhood pet?  Describe it in detail.

Let’s do this!


I almost don’t have anything to write for this! My mum is, I suppose I can say this, really against having pets. She has nothing against animals, she just doesn’t have the time to take care of another life in the house. I remember from a very young age that my mum will always says that it doesn’t matter what my dad and I would say, she will be the one who ends up taking care of any pet if we do get one.

My dad isn’t really into pets anyway and I never had a desire for one either. I am actually quite awkward around pets since I haven’t really spent that much time with them. Though I’m more comfortable with cats than dogs and I would consider getting a cat in the future.

But that isn’t the prompt for today. I have to talk about my first childhood pet and there is only one that fits the criteria.

So even though we didn’t keep her at our house, we still feel kind of responsible for her because my mum found her.

This was… wait, let me count the years first… 17 to 18 years ago now. My mum found a stray puppy in our empty, neighbour house once. No one lived (or lives) there and the wall between our house is pretty low. She heard the whining of an animal and looked over to find a small, dark grey puppy. So she climbed over the wall to give it some milk.

She was a very smart puppy though because the next morning, as soon as she could hear my mum walking down the stairs, she called for her. So my mum climbed over the wall again to give her more food.

We ended up deciding to take her to my great uncle’s house. Their family just lost their house cat (it sadly got ran over very recently then) so they would be up to take in a puppy. We called and thankfully they said yes!

So my mum climbed over to pick her, I think. I remember a scene where she cradled the puppy in an old towel and put her on her lab while she reverse the car out of our driveway.

The name got changed twice. We first called her ‘Tao’ (เทา) which means grey in Thai from the colour of her coat. And then we changed it to ‘Ngeun’ (เงิน) which means silver because that sounds more fancy than just grey xD

My great-uncle’s family finally decided on ‘Lucky’ because she was lucky to be found. We think that she must have gotten lost from the pack and she wouldn’t have survived with my mum didn’t hear her.

Lucky lived a very happy life, more than 10 years long. The whole family doted on her, especially my great uncle. They would share breakfast together! She ate everything they did. Coffee, toast, spicy noodle. Probably not the best diet for her but she was happy, fat but very happy.

She was a sweet dog too and she always remembered my mum. Every time we went for a visit, Lucky would get excited and would wag her tail so hard. And only after my mum would acknowledge her greeting and said hi, would she went back to doing her own things. My little sister really liked her as well. She sadly passed away a couple of years ago and I hope she is in a better place now. We all still think of her, she is dearly missed.


There we go, that was so quick to write out. It’s an easy prompt ;D

Here are the links to the previous entries for this challenge:

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(Goodness, the format… It’s because the first 9 were copied from the tumblr page first so it still has the format from that page. I didn’t want to do the links again so I just copied it directly from the Day 10’s entry.

But now I got to add the Day 10 link as well and the format reverts back to usual. Hence the odd spacing. Urgh. Never mind. My laziness will stop it from bothering me xD I ain’t doing the whole thing again!)

It’s a sunny Saturday here, great day for doing the laundry xD

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!


With love,

From GZ


PS – We went to Ladies Night at the Garden Hotel yesterday, it was so much fun. We got free dessert too! The chef came out to greet the guests and then came back with a plate of cakes for us :DDD The cheesecake was amazing, it melted in the mouth! Loved it.


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