[30 Day Writing Challenge] Day 9

(Not forgetting to put the title for today’s! Did it first xD)

Here is the list of all of the 30 Challenges.

Today is also a non-creative one and I have a feeling it may be on the short side because I am sleepy and am not feeling in the writing mode…

Day 9 —What was your favorite childhood toy?


At first, I was going to go for the Polly Pockets which I now treasure massively because they don’t make them like these anymore! And when I say Polly Pockets, I mean the original ones, not the ones they have these days.

(I have a feeling that if they do still make them, I would spend a small fortune and may end up being a collector… lol)


Here is a picture of my two PollyPocket necklaces.

I also have a feeling that my first ever ring was an accessory from one of my PollyPockets… I used to love them, they are so cute.

However, I don’t think they were my favourite when I was young. I feel like back then, they came after my Barbies.

And then, after a lot more thinking, I realise that my true favourite childhood toys are actually my cooking set.

Ah, I think I still have them. When I get the chance, probably in the summer time, I will take a couple photos of them.

I’ve always liked cooking. I used to stand on a stool to watch my maternal grandmother cooked when I was young. I love cooking shows from a young age as well. I remember clearly watching ‘Ready Steady Cook‘ when I visited my aunt in England.

(And here’s a link to Youtube for some search results of the show.)

So, of course, I have toys that revolve around cooking. I think my small stove is from Hello Kitty. I have a toy knife that I used to cut the ‘raw ingredients’. They all have Velcros 😉

I also had this habit of setting my cooking toys up in a particular way. I had this table in a corner, which became my corner in the room, and I would get the stove out first and put it in the top left corner, I think. And then arranged the rest of the toys accordingly.

I have a feeling there was an order to that arrangement too, but I can’t remember now. It may come back when I see the toys themselves.

Oh! Oh! I played a lot with play-does too and used those as other ingredients to my cooking. And for some reason, I often shaped and cut the play-does into strips, make square markings and put them in water. I cannot remember, for the life of me now, where I got that routine from but I have memories of doing it. A lot. lol.

So yeah, the love for cooking and food has always been there. I never really cooked until I got to uni though. And I started off doing the dishes, to cutting the vegetable, to doing the stirring before cooking itself. So I have worked my way up! xD

To conclude (wow, that sounds so serious xD), my ultimate favourite childhood toys are my cooking toy set. 🙂


Well, that didn’t took that long and was pretty easy to type out ^^

It’s been cold today, I was glad I wore my turtleneck. Contemplating whether I will wear more turtleneck tomorrow too xD We’ll see…

For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, don’t forget to keep warm!

Right, I am pretty tired so will sign off here. Thank goodness it’s Friday tomorrow! xD


With love,

From GZ


PS – managed to do about 30 minutes of some exercise today! I’ve been gaining weight and my appetite seems to have increased so will try to be more discipline with my habits… >.>

PPS – Someone sent a link of this TedTalk by Matt Cutts about “Try something new for 30 days” and wow, what a timing since I am doing this now! Not to mention that I did a January Photo Challenge last month as well! (So that was a 31 day challenge xD) I also smiled when they mentioned NanoWrimo, man, been there, tried that. Didn’t quite succeed. May be I’ll give that a go again some time…





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  5. lunerissa · March 10, 2017

    I have cooking set too, I think but I don’t think they my favorite
    maybe plush dolls, since I have heaped of them


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