[30 Day Writing Challenge] Day 8

Here is the list of all the 30 Day challenge.

Today is not really a creative one too so here goes.


“Is this working? I hope so, it would be a shame if we find out half way through that it isn’t recording. You mortals do love to come up with more and more elaborate gadgets don’t you?” There is a small prod and an exasperated but fond look.

“Anyway, yes, I do know her quite well.

You want to know her whole life story? Are you sure? It will most likely be a long one.

Very well, you did ask for it.

She is my charge, the one born on a Sunday. The water broke sometime during the night but her mother had no labor pain. Well, there was probably no contractions. She has always been stubborn, even before she was born. I suppose she was rather bright, knowing that what was ahead of her was going to be a lot of hassle that she didn’t want to come out.

Anyway, they had to cut her mother open, the poor dear. The first dose of anesthetic didn’t work fast enough too, I can still remember the scream. So they knocked her out with another dose of anesthetic and she finally has to no choice but to come out and greet the world, even if she did it while kicking and screaming.

She was so red her father didn’t recognise her either.” A fond chuckle can be heard.

“She was a bit of a terror in her young age. Her mother spent a lot of time when she was in kindergarten trying to be on the teachers’ good side so that she wouldn’t be in too much trouble. They were all relieved that she grew out of that phase.

She spent most of her childhood being the oldest of the grandchildren. There were a couple of cousins she grew up and was close to so she never felt lonely. And because she was the oldest, she did end up becoming quite bossy to the younger ones.

They all watched some old video clips once, the children. Though I suppose I should refer to them as adults now since they are all working. Well, they watched some old footage together and laughed at how they once were. She was a bit horrified to see how bossy she was.” Another amused huff of breath, the corners of the eye crinkled.

“Anyway, she spent her primary school in an all girl, convent school in Bangkok. Then she moved to the United States.

Of course I was worried, new places, new people and a new language. I wasn’t sure how well she was going to cope with it all. She did quite well if I may say.

Ah, but there was one incident that I had to interfere.” The relax tone grows serious, back straightened, the smile gone.

“They were at a water park, might have been a school trip, I can’t remember the details. We can check the paperwork later. She was in one of those areas that have their own current going around. She was a pretty strong swimmer before but you can never be too careful with water.

She slipped under and for a moment I thought we would fail at my job. Fortunately I was fast enough and she was fine. I have also made sure that she still remembers the incident so that she will always be careful in water.” A faraway look, then a shake as if to gather oneself once more.

“Her sister came as a surprise though. I’ve met with the one responsible for her quite often since we do end up working in the same area for quite some time. It came as no surprise when the whole family moved back to Thailand just before her sister was born.

She went back to school in Thailand but refused to go back to her old school. Her parents let her go to, what I believe is called, an international school in Bangkok. I am quite proud to see her grow during her secondary school years. She became quite a bookworm and genuinely enjoyed doing well in school. She had a good group of friends too and they all helped each other.” A proud smile.

“After that, she moved to England. I must say I quite enjoyed our time in Cambridge, what a lovely city that is. She had a great group of friends there too, I’m quite proud of that.” This comes with a grin.

“Though, it was beyond my control when tragedies strike. It is a part of life and no one can escape from death. It was her grandmother first, just as she was moving into her first dorm.” The tone grows somber.

“But it was her younger cousin’s that hit her the most. It was so unexpected. I feel for the one responsible for her too, it was a shock to us all. When the time comes, there is nothing we can do. It doesn’t make it easier though.” A resigned yet sad sigh.

“Anyway, our little girl grew up fast in those three years, and yet I don’t think she has ever been more lost at the end of it.” Hand together on the table, leaning in.

“You see, she had always had a pretty clear idea of what she wanted to do in the future. A life as a researcher, in academia, working in science. It was commendable, her ambitions. She wanted to change the world, or to leave something behind.

But like many others, life isn’t a straightforward path. She realised quite early on in her university career that life in academia isn’t for her. And it knocked some sense of purpose out of her. After losing that one clear path she always thought she would walk down, she had no idea where to go with her life.

It took her coming back to Bangkok to realise that her love for science is still there. Smaller but still burning. That she has somewhere to channel that love.

And so life took her on another adventure. A whirlwind one with many uncertainties but worthwhile experiences.

I am quite happy with where she is at the moment. Another chapter will begin soon. She keeps me busy, mind you. I have to make sure that everything happens in the right place, at the right time.” A wink to finish it off.


Day 8 —Tell your life story from someone else’s point of view.

I’m not sure how much I can spin with this but I took some liberties with the prompt and possibly went a bit wild with it. I also went quite a bit beyond the usual 500 words limit, lol.

But did you notice that the older I got in the story, the more brief it became? xD This one was actually difficult to write. I wrote about half way through and got distracted. Wasn’t as fun as the other ones but still… cool for me to try out new things.

Right, it’s nearly 9pm now so I’ll sign off here. I can’t believe that there are still 2 more days till the weekend. Friday, please come faster!


With love,

From GZ


PS – It’s getting rather cold again today’s afternoon!

PPS – Forgot to put the title in again! ^^” Sorry… I’ve been leaving it last and seem to be forgetting…


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