[30 Day Writing Challenge] Day 6

The list of this month’s writing challenge is from here.

Disclaimer: All of the characters are fictional. Any details that may be similar to a real person is entirely coincidental.


Quentin is grateful for the Tesco near the flat that is opened after 10pm. He always prefers to have his tea with milk and there isn’t any at home.

Today is one of those rare nights that he has managed to leave the office before the tube runs out. As he was walking the short distance between the station and his building, the bright neon light caught his eyes and drawn him in to the warmth that his parka hasn’t quite provide.

He has a basket in one hand, already got a pint of milk in there and he, somehow, finds himself in the sweets aisle. Everybody in the department knows that Quentin has a sweet tooth. You can always get onto his good side by giving him sweets. Some of his minions have not shied away from that weakness.

He picks up his childhood favourite first. The licorice looks very tempting but Quentin is old enough to refrain himself from going straight to the checkout so he can eat them now. The lemon drops are on sale, so he picks a pack up too, instead of the usual sherbet lemon. He’s not that fond of either but Jo has an affinity for them.

Another sign catches his eyes before he moves on from the aisle. The package is in pale pink with a picture of an unfamiliar dark red fruit, he pushes his sliding glasses up before picking it up to have a closer look. He reads the descriptions and finds out that these are lychee flavoured sweets.

A quick search on his phone tells him that lychees are tropical fruits from Asia and seems to be quite sweet. The pack itself isn’t too big and he is quite curious to see what they taste like so it goes into the basket too.

Quentin browses around the supermarket for a little more and has to stop himself from picking up a pack of chocolate chip cookies. His cupboard is still overflowed with tea as well, since he has been spending too much time at the office, so he skipped that aisle too.

He does picks up a brand of coffee that Jo likes though.

Lastly, he stopped by the pet food aisle to pick up some treats for the cats at home. Hopefully that will get him back onto their good book again after having spent 3 days at the office.

There is a display of colourful lollipop on his way to the self-checkout counters and somehow, a couple of them end up in his basket.

Quentin doesn’t usually have a chance to go to the supermarket. Being the head of the department gives him an excuse to rely more on take-outs rather than his limited cooking skills. He usually ends up buying more sweets than what is considered healthy too when he does go to the supermarket, so he just stays away from temptation.

And no, he will not give into temptation and recalibrate the self-checkout counter again.



Day 6 —Write about a person who would buy all of those items in Day 5.

Oh, today’s challenge took surprisingly more time that I initially thought. Especially since I already have this character in my head, I thought that it would have been super easy to write… guess I was wrong, lol.

Anyway, I’m glad I got it done before 9pm! Pretty tired too because my body thought it was a good idea to wake up around 1am last night and refused to go back to sleep until 3am!! So early night for me to day… zzz

I hope everyone else had a better start to the week than I did!

With love,

From GZ


PS – I realise, a day later, that I never put anything in the title of this post… ^^” Opps!



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  4. lunerissa · March 2, 2017

    Is it a good thing day 5 consist of sweets not some random thing people wouldn’t buy in one go LOL
    Quentin is my host dad’s name and I think he would buy all this too if it the kids birthday 😛


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