[30 Day Writing Challenge] Day 3

The list of all of the challenges is here.

I’m changing the format slightly because it isn’t a creative writing piece so here’s the prompt:

Day 3 —Write about the worst time you’ve ever put your foot in your mouth.


Now because this piece isn’t a creative writing practice, it is both easier and harder. Easier because I can actually let my hands do the typing without doing much thinking. Harder, because I’m not sure which story to tell for this particular topic.

No horror story pops up into my mind straightaway so I have to dig up some stuff.

(I suppose it’s a good thing that my mind has blocked these scenarios out. It gives me peace.)

I’m usually the kind of person to mull over things over and over and over again. I keep replaying scenes. Keep trying to look at it from a different angle, and most of the time, wishing that I have done or said something differently.

And since I don’t have a working time-turner, it’s no use crying over spilled milk so to speak.

However, after some thinking, I think I’ve got a story that fits into this description.

I’m not sure if it’s the worst of them all but honestly, I don’t want to dig any deeper because then I’ll remember things I wish I didn’t.

Back in high school, I was… pretty much a model student. I got good grades, paid attention in class, got on really well with my teachers. So much so that sometimes, I felt like I had a responsibility over my friends. Kind of like a class rep or some sort.

Now, the details of what happened here is a bit fuzzy now. I think it might have involved another classmate whom we bullied…

(I’m not proud of this fact by the way. I thought it was funny back then but now looking back on it, bullying is never right. So, yeah…. ._.)

There was a scenario where someone (a teacher may be) had asked me to kind of give my friend a nudge about how some of the things he’d said may not be kind.

I took the role to heart and was trying my best to find an opening to it. Again, details are fuzzy around here. Someone might have said something that upset my friend and I thought to myself, ah ha! An opening!

(I was young and clueless.)

So I said something along the line of, “See, you don’t like it when people correct you,” or something along of the line of commenting on his actions.

And boy, did he get angry at me. I got defensive and, well, let just say that our friendship hasn’t really healed from it.

I’m still a bit sad over that whole ordeal, I let my mouth and stubbornness and ego got the better of me and I hurt someone’s feeling pretty badly.

I remember clearly trying my best to apologise in my coded sort of way. I was never good at being upfront and we ended up giving each other cold shoulders for months.

I think he might have started talking to me again because he would like me to help him with science for our exam or something. I still feel a bit awkward till this day thought when I think of him. I know what I did wasn’t right, and well, it was probably immature.

But hey, I was a teenager and I suppose that’s what the teenage years are for. To learn from your mistakes.

So yeah, I hope this story is sufficed for the prompt. Sorry for the vague details but I suppose saying something silly that possibly, probably ruined a friendship classifies as one of the worst times I’ve put my foot to my mouth.


Well, this was the quickest to write! And because I wasn’t being too careful on the word count, I typed it out straightaway onto wordpress so yay for less time needed for this post! xD

If you are interested, here are the links to the other two challenges I did since the beginning of this month:

Day 1

Day 2

And I’m going to sign off here because I got to continue to pack. Flying back to GZ tomorrow (boo) and will leave pretty early for my flight.

With love,

From BKK



  1. lunerissa · February 6, 2017

    humm have to google meaning for this topic
    well it in the past “let it go……” /sing along 😛


    • aprofessionalprocrastinator · February 6, 2017

      Lol, I like your idea very much. Though, not the song, I don’t want to have ‘Let it go’ stuck in my head on loop again.


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