[30 Day Writing Challenge] Day 1

The list of all of the challenge is here.

Here we go!


So they all told the Monster Story together.

Well, they didn’t call it the ‘Monster Story’ in the beginning. That was what Fúlvio dubbed it as and the name stuck.

(“You guys always tell that story every. Single. Time. And you always drag it out and add in so much drama, it became a Monster Story. With capital letters.” Fúlvio explained when Kuzman accidentally let it slipped after one glass of wine, a couple of months down the line.

In their defense, they didn’t do it every single time. That would be too obnoxious. Just. When an opportunity arose. And really, who doesn’t like the drama? That is what makes a good story. )

Ashley usually began, because Ashley was better at setting the scene.

“It started way back in the 90s,” was one of Ashley’s favourite lines to start the story. Their closest friends would groan at this point and leave.

He used to be a bit annoyed at them for showing so much of their exasperation to their story but he’d come to realise that most of it was just for show too.

After all, they wouldn’t be such good friends if they didn’t have things in common.

“Don’t mind them,” he would say to the others. “They’re just jealous that they don’t have such a great story to tell.”

(“I don’t think we could have coped if anyone else refused to take their heads out of their arses too!” Atsuko shouted over her shoulder once in reply to what he had said as she made her way to get more beer.)

Ashley would usually look a bit embarrassed at this point and he would think how unfair it was that the blush made Ashley even more beautiful.

“We just took our time, is all.” And then Ashley would continue with the story. He would occasionally chime in, in the beginning, as the listeners got to know all of the characters.

“K-man still can’t hold his alcohol.” Ashley mentioned once, as the story got to the point where Kuzman appeared.

“God knows how he got through college with a decent grade,” he chipped in as Ashley took another sip of the Long Island iced tea. “Considering how many lectures he’s missed because of 2 beers. The night before.”

As the story went on, he would contribute more and more.

(It first became this way because Ashley got too tipsy once and would lose track of where they were in the story.

He had to finish the story up himself. He refused to let Ashley forget about that.

“It was your fault anyway! I told you not to let me drink the martini.” Ashley whined once as he smirked. It wasn’t often that he got to be the more mature one.)

But then they realised that it worked better this way. It was like a performance, their performance.

Ashley would opened the story while he wrapped it up.

They are a kickass team and made the Monster Story better.



Day 1 —Select a book at random in the room.  Find a novel or short story, copy down the last sentence and use this line as the first line of your new story.

The last sentence was “So they all told the Monster Story together.” from The Monster Story-Teller by Jacqueline Wilson.

I was going to try for a horror story but thought that this style would be easier to write for me. And it is!!

Goodness, this challenge is a tough one! Hopefully, I can do it for the whole month!


With love,

From BKK


PS – got myself a new laptop! Whoop whoop! And with a touchscreen too! xD Fancy~



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  3. lunerissa · February 6, 2017

    another book I don’t know but I like this style of writing really easy too read the story just flowing


    • aprofessionalprocrastinator · February 6, 2017

      Ohhh thank you+ It took a while for me to get going with this once. Had to start and stop a couple of times. But once I got going, it was all right actually. And I really like the end product too!


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