Correcting a bit of a mistake

Well, it turns out that the day I signed up on WordPress was 14 January, not 17… ^^” The notification must have been there since the 14th but because I’d only logged in just yesterday, it looked like the 17th was the anniversary…

I went back to reread some of my blog posts afterwards and found it a bit inspiring. So here I am, hunch down on the desk by the router so I can update this short little post…

Sometimes, when things are a bit more difficult, you feel more motivated to do them just so you can say ‘Ha! You can’t beat me!’. Silly, I know, but hey, I have a competitive streak.

Anyway, a bit of a long day at work today. It was  good thing I got a lot of sleep last night. Slept at 8.30pm and didn’t wake up at all until the alarm went at 5.15am! Yay~ So happy with that. Took my time with breakfast and took the bus to school when it was still pitch black.

The morning then turned downhill from there… But I’m glad it’s over! Had to take a nap in the afternoon as well because the work had my head swimming. Urgh.

Then dinner with friends that lasted to 7pm! It was lovely. We just kept talking and talking and talking! And I am so full now…

Also, the RebelCaptain ship from Rogue One is back to haunting me xD Argh. Cassian and Jyn are so good together. My heart…. ❤

And I think I want to sign off here so I can click post and go lounge in bed. It’s nearly 9pm anyway! xD

Hope your week is going well! Not long till the weekend now!

With love,

From GZ


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