Goodbye 2016. I won’t lie, you haven’t been the best.

Oh, hey there! Didn’t think I’d be updating again so soon right did ya? Well, neither did I. xD But I’m just lazing around, drifting from one website to another (was just enjoying a couple of Cherik goodnesses *sighs happily*) and ended up on WordPress. After re-reading my previous entries, I thought, ‘Why not?’.

So here I am!

I did think about doing my next entry on my June 2016 Japan trip but I thought I should do an entry rounding up 2016.

Because 2016 has been one hell of a brutal year. Not in a good way either.

So many sad things have happened, so many well-loved people have passed away. It really hits home with people’s mortality for me. I know I’m still quite young and I’ve been fairly sheltered all my life.

Not to say that I haven’t lost a loved one. My maternal grandmother whom I felt very close to pass away the day I moved into my university dorm. A cousin whom grew up with me passed away just over a year later even though she was just one year younger than me. If those two things didn’t open my eyes about deaths, then nothing else would.

But the deaths in 2016. I loved my grandmother but I saw how much she had suffered during her final few years and so there was a relief as well that she is, hopefully, resting in peace now.

I’ve given up alcohol after losing my cousin so I still continue to feel like I’m honouring her in a way.

This past October though? It felt like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I think this is what it may be like if I lose my father. I have never cried that much before in the first month.

The day before yesterday, my family and I finally had a chance to go to the Grand Palace to pay our respect to King Rama IX. We left home before 2pm and the traffic was really bad. I nodded off in the taxi and we arrived at the area around the Grand Palace at 3pm.

We were basically queueing up and waiting from about 3pm onwards. For 8 hours, we just sat there. We were lucky though that we got to sit in the shade. Thankfully, it was quite cool in Bangkok yesterday and there were big fans around. Foods and drinks were abundant from other generous people and companies. I stuffed my face with a lot of delicious Thai food.

We finally started moving at around 11pm and still had to wait for nearly an hour once we slowly made our way into the Grand Palace itself. The sights of seeing these beautiful architecture, lit in such a way had me in awe.

And then. Just a bit after midnight. We were able to go in and pay our respect in front of His Majesty’s coffin.

It was worth over the 10 hours wait.

We made it back to the house after 1am and I passed out at around 2am. Spent yesterday at home to recuperate. And worked too. It was nice having a quiet, but productive, day in.

And then today, I woke up early-ish to go to the National Blood Center to donate my blood in honour of His Majesty, King Rama IX. It was a good thing I went early (still a bit later than I’d hoped). I wanted to go when it was opened at 8.30am because I knew it was going to be super busy and I was right. Though I ended up making it there at 9am. I didn’t get to the donating procedure till after 10am because there were 104 other people in front of me…

Thankfully, my blood flowed nicely this time and it didn’t take as long as it usually does! It’d normally taken me twice as long as other people to finish giving blood… I think the trick is to drink lots and lots of water the day before but stopped the next morning.

I made a mistake once, drinking a lot of water a few hours before I went and they said that my blood was too thin! They had to take a blood sample from me and did a few tests. Turned out that my red blood cell was just big. I do not usually lack iron in my body. If anything, I have too much since my body can’t really absorb enough zinc and my hair and nails have been suffering from it since my teenage years!

So yeah. This time, it went smoothly and it’s my 11th time donating blood! I average only once a year, donating my blood. I want to try to increase that to twice a year. I think that’s doable even if I live abroad…

And they are giving out a beautiful picture of King Rama IX to thank us for donating blood during this time period too.

Then a quiet lunch with family and chilling at home.

Anyway, it was possibly one of the best ways to end such a shitty year. I think the only highlight of this year for me is my trip to Japan with Lune. If that didn’t happen, I would honestly say that 2016 has been the absolute worst.

So, goodbye 2016.

2017, I hope you are a better one.

And it’s already midnight in Japan so Akemashite Omedetouuuuuuuuuu~



With love,

From BKK



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