[June in Japan] Day 2 in USJ Part 2

(I had actually started this post weeks ago but never managed to get passed what has now become the first line of this entry… ^^” And the internet is driving me insane again. I wonder sometimes how on earth can I just live with this all… but then laziness always win over. orz dammit.)

In the last entry, we finished at what we had for lunch. After that, the rain started -3-


We went to the outside part of the Three Broomstick where we can see the castle clearly for some photo taking session…

True, it does kind of look pretty like this but I would like to, just once, see the Hogwarts Castle with a clear blue sky backdrop ><


One more with the (almost) full reflection of the Castle in the water.

We, then, slowly made our way out of Hogsmead area, visiting the shops we hadn’t yet.


So here are some giant ice-cream cones(?) at the Honeydukes shop.

And right next to the Honeydukes, where you can literally walk across as the shops are interconnected, is the Zonko’s Joke Shop.


The shop is tiny though since the majority of the area goes to Honeydukes…

I actually bought some sweets from Honeydukes this time around, got one chocolate frog (because how could I not?) and a dark chocolate wand. Because I’m a sucker for dark chocolate.


I have a feeling this was from the wand shop. It might have been Ollivander but not the section where the wand can ‘pick’ you. I tried my best to capture as much of the stars map as I could but it covered the whole wall. And I was mainly interested in Draco. xD (I’m a bit surprised actually that I didn’t manage to capture Sirius as well… hmm…)

Lune and I managed to come out from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter by about 1pm-ish because we had our Hollywood Dreams -The Ride – Backdrop‘s time ticket at around that time.

The last time I was at USJ back in April 2015, I remember clearly hearing the screams from this ride and seeing how long the queue was right from the start all the way through to almost the closing time. And I was only able to try out the Hollywood Dreams – The Ride (because the queue was shorter then) and it was my favourite rides at USJ from that visit. So I was adamant that we tried out the Backdrop one this time around. This was also the reason why I wanted to the get this particular Express Pass.


What makes Backdrop so special is that the roller coaster goes backwards. Me being a roller coaster fan couldn’t wait to try it.

Sadly, it wasn’t as good as I had hoped it to be… 😦 The ride actually made me slightly nauseous because my head kept being swung back and forth. I didn’t feel as dizzy when the roller coaster moves forward because you have the backrest to keep your head pretty much in place.

After that, we thought we should walk around to recover so went into shops to browse.


Couldn’t help snapping pictures of this wands display.


(It was getting past my bedtime on Monday night so I left the entry here and have been fighting my internet connection to get back on it since then… -3- I’m not sure for how long I’ll have the connection tonight so we’ll see…)

We then took a stroll around the park and came across this.


I believe it’s for the Attack On Titan. There was a special ‘ride’ on at the time.

Neither of us are fans of the manga/anime, we mostly just took pictures of this and moved on.

We were actually trying to find a Residential Evil ‘ride’ that Lune’s brother was adamant we tried. Turns out that the event has finished. I was a bit relieved because I am not a fan of those things….


These seems to be hand prints of famous people, most if not all Japanese, who have ever visited the park.

After this, we decided that it was time to go on more rides/attractions since we’ve already got our Express Pass anyway. It would be a waste not to use it!


Terminator 2: 3D was next on the list because it was the closest one to where we were then. This attraction was more theatrical than a ride. The lady who played a manager or some sort was really into her character, she was the highlight of the show.

We all gathered in front of the theater first and she was introducing herself and asked where some of us were from. Mind you, all of this was all in Japanese so this was what we gathered from our limited Japanese. She made fun that some of the patrons were from Osaka. One person behind us raised their hand and said that they were from Chiba.

And then someone else said that they were from Hawaii. That got a major reaction out of her because she was very impressed with how far they have come. She even turned around and said to the group from Osaka that that group was here all the way from Hawaii. It was all very entertaining.

Anyway, I don’t want to say much about the rest in case you don’t want to spoil yourself. What I would say is that it made me feel quite nostalgic for the Terminator 2 film (which, to me, is the best Terminator out there).


Taken while walking to our next ride.

After Terminator 2: 3D, we went on to The Amazing Adventure of Spider-Man – The Ride 4K3D. (My goodness, another mouthful isn’t it? xD)


I didn’t go on this the first time I was at USJ because I’m not a fan of 3D and not really a fan of Spider-Man. However, Express Pass this time! xD And lune actually liked this ride the most in USJ. So do check it out if you have the chance.


Cute name right? To match it with the ride’s name at the back.

I really contemplated getting the hot dog but it was so expensive! Almost double the price of the one I got at Tokyo DisneySEA. So I didn’t get one. ^^”

We were slowly making our way back to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter when we came across this sign.


I couldn’t help taking a picture of this because it reminds me of my two favourite Brooklyn boys!

And beside this sign, we saw this:


The Spider-Man circular sign is so cute. And can you spot Spider-Man himself?

We ended up sitting by the ‘lake’ just to relax and rest a little. There had been a lot of walking that day xD


And of course, I kept taking pictures… The tracks on the top picture are from The Flying Dinosaur I think.

After about 20 minutes, we continued on our journey to go back to Hogsmead once more..


The rain continued on hence all of the umbrellas… Lune has pointed out that the weather was like we were in Scotland where Hogswart is. Well, I suppose she is right but it would have been much cooler when it rains in Scotland…


We spent a lot of time just taking photos. I wanted to document it all in my phone. We actually went by the Castle one more time to take more photos too xD


What can I say? I love tea and cakes xD This was just a display though, the shop isn’t real.

Lune quite wanted to try the butter beer ice-cream so we went inside The Three Broomsticks once more and the place is almost empty! I suppose that was to be expected since the park closing soon-ish.

I, of course, had to try the chocolate ice cream too.


It was pricey, around 400JPY but hey, it was Florean Fortecue’s! xD The ice cream was quite good too. 🙂

We really didn’t want to leave but we had too because the park isn’t opened for the whole night. So we slowly made our way back out.

I almost forgot! We had to leave because we want to have enough time for one last ride. Hollywood Dream – The Ride. Again, with the Express Pass, it was almost no waiting time at all. And I enjoyed it as much as I did the first time I visited USJ. I think this would be my favourite ride of the day…

I then took Lune to see Universal Wonderland too and came across these cute Woodstocks!


It was the second half of June so I was a bit surprised to still see the Easter display… ^^”

We then slowly made our way out to the Hollywood area, stopping to take a couple of photos of the lights as the sun was slowly setting.


Beverly Hills? Beverly Hills! xD

This was the first time that I left an amusement park while it was still light. xD However, the park was closing. We heard the announcement and I stayed behind to see the electrical night parade the last time I was there, it wasn’t worth staying for really.

(That was the reason why I thought the opening and closing time on the website wasn’t reliable. We stayed beyond the closing time on the internet that first time. The parade didn’t finished till nearly 8pm or something and I remembered seeing the closing time being 7.30pm on the web…)


The famous Universal globe…

We weren’t interested in taking a picture of/with this at all in the morning xD but in the evening as we were leaving, we had all the time in the world.

We took the same trains back to our hotel, and we happened to see a takoyaki shop right by the train station where we had to change from JR to the metro.

It wouldn’t be a proper visit to Osaka without eating takoyaki!


So we bought this to share. Ended up eating them right there by the station because they wouldn’t have survived the metro to the hotel…

There was also a Family Mart convenient store right by our metro exit to the hotel, so I went into check if they still had oden or not and it turned out they still did!


I got two daikon pieces and one egg roll!

I love oden because it’s such a light but refreshing meal 😀

We made it back to the hotel not too late, which was great because we had another early morning the next day. Visiting USJ with Lune was definitely another highlight of my year this year. So happy I got to share this with her.

To finish this entry off, here are all of the things I’d spent my money on at USJ:




And here is how much we walked that day!


Not bad, not bad at all 😉

And that’s it for this entry. I’m so happy it’s doneeeeee. So let’s post it before I can’t xD

Next stop, Tokyo~


With love,

From GZ


PS – It’s not 9pm yet but I’m so tired I will go to sleep after this. It’s also been really cool today! Cool enough that I don’t need the A/C and just has the fan on at the lowest and I’m under the duvet! xD


PPS – I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday. OTL So packed this week and I’ve been sleeping on time! But still feel tired. Urgh.





  1. Xaritt · October 13, 2016

    Gorgeous photos! Looks so much fun 🙂


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  3. lunerissa · March 10, 2017

    Butterbeer icecreammm want moreeeee
    yeah like the spider man ride have a lot of good effect there, I think my friend who in 3D major also like it the most


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