Of a ‘new’ year. Part 2!

Hey, look! Here I am updating on the next day like I said I would! xD Mind you I’m resisting a lot of temptation at the moment, not going on YouTube because that’s a guarantee to get me distracted…

Yeap, definitely distracting.

Anyway, let’s keep on going with the list of what I was up to over the summer break.

Here’s a link to the previous part.

5. After coming back from Japan at the end of June, I had exactly 1 day rest before we went out of BKK again ^^” This time, it was a ‘road trip’ to the North Eastern part of Thailand with my extended family. It’s not exactly your typical road trip because we didn’t really make that many stops, most of them were planned and revolved around food. It was fun and peaceful. I ate too much really…

6. I had about 3 days to chill in BKK after coming back from the ‘road trip’. The first day I hit the cinema to go see ID4: Resurgence in the cinema. I really don’t care what everybody else thinks of the film, I had a blast. I really did. The visual was great, I love that they had most of the cast back. Liam Hemsworth surprised me, I actually liked him in the film! xD

7. Met up with lune (it don’t matter that we only spent 10 days together about a week earlier, a meet up with lune is always fun) on the next day.

8. Recuperated (and packed) the next day for…

9. Another trip to Japan. XDDDDDD This time, I went with my family and my aunt’s family. 12 days in Japan – 5 days in Tokyo, then 5 days in Sapporo then back to Tokyo for 2 days.

9.a. Went to Tokyo DisneySEA and DisneyLAND again. And even though it was only 2 weeks apart, there was a different theme on this time around. The first time was Tanabata before 7th of July. This time was Summer Splash in DisneySEA and Natsu Matsuri in DisneyLAND. Needless to say, I spent a small fortune there buying souvenirs for lune xD (She collects pin badges and there were new ones released…)

9.b. We also visited a Snoopy Museum in Roppongi, that was really cool. Getting to see some of the old strips as well as comments from the creator’s wife for the back story to some of them.

9.c. We went to Hokkaido via train. Thank goodness for pocket wifi or I would have been so bored on an 8 hour long trip. We had to change the train once too at Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto.

9.d. We, of course, went out to Furano to see the lavender fields at Farm Tomita 🙂 Beautiful as always. We were very lucky with the weather too! Sunny but with cool breeze. It was just perfect.

9.e. We also went to Otaru. Again, perfect weather with the sun shining but cool breezes. We also ate so much I can’t even.

9.f. We didn’t realise that the day we planned to come back down to Tokyo was a bank holiday (Marine Day) so the train so packed full. The shinkansen from Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto down to Tokyo was fully booked from Sendai onwards so we actually had to get off at Sendai and took a slower shinkansen down to Ueno… ^^” We also had to sit separately as well….

9.g. Overall, it was also a lot of fun (with massive amount of food involve) going on this trip. It was a bit crazy, going back to Japan so soon after my trip with lune. People were teasing me about it but honestly, I had such a blast that I really don’t care xD

9.h. I also did a calculation. There was a point where if I looked back at the previous 4 weeks, I’d spent 21 days in Japan. XD #SummerGoalAchieved #lifegoal

10. I then spent the rest of my holiday in BKK. Well, I say ‘the rest’ when it was only a week ^^”

11. Met up with lune and another close friend one last time (partly for us exchanging things). I gave her the souvenirs she has asked me to buy and she brought me my first HP Geek Gear Box! Which brings us to…

12. Lune found this website sometime in May and we were interested in finding out what it would be like. Se we both signed up for the subscription, her choosing Slytherin while I chose Ravenclaw.

12.a. I switched back to Gryffindor after not being able to find a scrunchy in the Ravenclaw house colour at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in June. We tried really hard to find it but no such luck. I took that as a sign that it wasn’t meant to be… And when I came back and did the sorting on Pottermore again, I was a Gryffindor! (And actually… the first time I did the ‘new’ sorting on Pottermore, I was actually a Hufflepuff… ^^” However, Gryffindor has always been special to me, partly because how heavily the characters in HP were from there…)

13. I tried to lose some weight too, because let me tell ya, I gained some kilos over eating in Japan. XD

14. Also got to meet up with friends from Uni which is always special. I had a fantastic time eating and catching up with all of them :)))

15. Flew back to GZ nearly 2 weeks ago with my family. And thank goodness they came with me because I found termites in the flat when I came back! ><

16. Thankfully, I had someone coming in to take care of the termites the next day and now, hopefully, the flat is ok…

17. And then, of course, work started last Monday. It was a bit weird having to wake up at 5.30am again.

18. OH. OH. HOW COULD I MISSED OUT? 31 JULY. THE RELEASED OF HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD script. This post pretty much sums up what I went through when I finally got my hand on a copy to read. Oh. My goodness. I don’t actually care that much about people who has poked holes at the plot (and there were quite a few sadly). However, the emotions I went through when I was reading it. That was real. That was what made me feel like, ‘Yeap, I’m reading Harry Potter.’

So thank you JK Rowling for another magical story.

19. We had a Level 4 Typhoon warning for Tuesday so I had the next day off. Which I appreciated but it did kind of throw off the work momentum…

20. I am just so glad I managed to survive the first week back though. Had a huge assignment to finish and now that it is done, I’m so relieved. Can now get back into the routine of things!


And that brings us up to the present xD I know I cheated a bit with the numbered list but I would never be able to get everything down in any other format… I will now try my best to do entries in more details with pictures for everything my summer deserves.

However, for now, I think I can finish off this entry here. xD

I hope you all have had a lovely Monday (and that it was less exhausting than mine!) and have a great week guys!


With love,

From GZ




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