Ladies and gents, my mind.

So, while procrastinating today (by watching Ted Ed videos which are still kind of related to work so not so much of a procrastination, more of a sidetracking), I stumbled upon this clip.

Just the title itself snagged my interest, so I pressed click and watched it.

Boy, I was not disappointed.

Go on, watch it now.

I can wait.

Done? Because whether you are a procrastinator or not, this gives the world a glimpse into the minds of us procrastinators.

As I was watching it the first time around, I couldn’t help but giggle out loud at how true it was to me. I’d never really given much thoughts to my habits before but Mr Tim Urban has captured it all so well it’s slightly scary.

And even if I’ve never gone on Google Earth to scroll from the southest (or is it most south?) part of India all the way up to the north before, I have spent countless hours on Wikipedia pages and Youtube and AO3 and MSN news and Yahoo news when the vpn doesn’t work and many other websites. Just to procrastinate from work for a moment.

My Instant Gratification Monkey is a strong and stubborn monkey. And I work best with a deadline as my Panic Monster will chase the Monkey away for a couple of days so that the Rational Decision-Maker can take the wheel for a while.

(If you don’t get the references, watch the clip. Will possibly be the best 14 minutes of your day today.)

I think I am getting better at setting self-imposed deadline, especially when it comes to work.

But it’s the other things I do for fun in life that I am still terrible at. Especially any creative work.

For one, I always wish I’d write more. There are so many plot bunnies jumping about in my head that it drives me crazy sometimes. There will be times I can almost say the words out loud and all I would need to do is to type it down somewhere.

But when I sit down in front of a blank word document, the urge to go roll around Youtube is much stronger.

Even just blogging which requires almost no planning at all! I’ve managed to finish watching one unrelated Youtube clip (DO PARENTS KNOW YOUTUBE STARS?) while I start on this blog and have another (‘DO TEENS KNOW 80s MUSIC?’) that needs a bit more time to load (which is the only reason why I’m back here blogging… >.>).

So yes, ‘EASY AND FUN’ always managed to drag me out of doing anything productive…

However, Mr Urban has managed to put things into perspective for me with his weekly Life Calendar that I think I’m motivated to allow the Monkey less time on the wheel.


Sorry, what? I got sidetracked by going on the original post of ‘Why Procrastinators Procrastinate‘ on Mr Urban’s website which consists of a lot more interesting and thoughts provoking of blog posts. I think a Mr Andrew (don’t know his last name) writes on it as well.

And while I was trying to find out the other contributor to ‘Wait But Why‘, I got sidetracked yet again and finished watching the previous Youtube clip which was opened on my other tab and started another one (‘DO TEENS KNOW 90s CARTOONS?’).

My life, ladies and gent.

Oh, but I think I’ve seen this last one on 90s cartoons so may be I’ll just let it run in the background while I finish this post up.

I just want to finish the post with a link to How to Beat Procrastination. There is light at the end of the tunnel! Will have to try harder.

(And I did end up watching the ‘DO TEENS KNOW 90s CARTOONS?’ along the way… my life… the clip has ended now.)

Mr Tim Urban, thank you for such a talk that rings so true to me.

Well, It’s nearly 9pm so I’m going to sign off here. Hope you are all having a good week!


With love,

From GZ


PS – the stomach pain is back. ARGH. I have no idea what is going on. The cramping is slightly worse this time but more periodic if that makes sense? It’s not aching all the time but when the stomach muscles are contracting, I feel like I want to double over. It actually woke me up this morning at freaking 4am. And I couldn’t go back to sleep. FML. Hopefully, it’ll be better tonight.



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