Rest time

Greetings from Thailand!

A part of me thought that I wouldn’t actually get to blogging while I’m at the beach. And another part feels like I should be blogging twice a day because I have the time!


From yesterday’s morning, before 7am.

I’m in Hua Hin at the moment, staying at a resort that I used to come as a child so that’s an extra bonus for me.

I’ve been living a healthy life for the past couple of days. Might not be the healthiest because I’ve been stuffing myself sick with food as one would in Thailand xD But I’ve been sleeping at 9pm and up at around 6am as well as swimming laps in the pool.

My aunt has also commented how ‘fair’ I got after living in China, which was unexpected because I tan very easily. But it still kind of made sense since I suppose I haven’t seen that much sun recently. I have got my tan back now that I’ve been swimming in the sun, lol.

I’ll actually head down to the pool very soon now, just waiting for my stomach to digest breakfast enough that I won’t get sick while swimming. I’ve been aiming to do 15 laps each time I hit the pool (the pool is around 50 metres long) and have hit that mark for 3 times now. Hoping to keep it going!

I’m watching Actors on Actors by Variety on YouTube at the moment. Have the one with Carey Mulligan and Elizabeth Banks now, was watching Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan before (which was the first one I’ve seen from this series).

Carey Mulligan and Elizabeth Banks talked about Carey’s latest film, ‘Suffragette‘ and they showed a clip of the film. Lo and behold, Ben Whishaw cropped up yet again. This is the third time he’s turned up in a film I didn’t expect him to. I saw him in a clip in ‘Lobster‘ as well. Good on you Ben!

Anyway, other that having YouTube on as the background, I also have the NHK channel on as well because it’s available on the hotel’s TV cable xD

Right, I think that’s enough random rambling from me. I should go down and hit the pool now. Time to swim off some of the food I ate this morning! xD


With love,

From Hua Hin



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