Of Spice Girls and holiday

I have about half an hour before I start getting ready to leave so I thought I’d blog. Listening to ‘The Very Best Of Spice Girls’ now and it’s proving to be a very good album to put on while blogging xD

I’m putting a pause on the food review, though I am quite behind on that, and just want to update on ‘life’. Y’know, this being a blog and all.

*Sighs* Man, it has been one hell of a week. No, scratch that, it’s been one hell of a half term. I know I’ve mentioned it in this post already how stressful work has been but I just want to rant some more xD

There was what felt like an overwhelming amount of work crushing me about a few weeks ago, not to mention about having to go into work last Saturday too. I know it was partly my fault for not finishing up work, but it’s my first year and I just wasn’t sure about my judgement. Still not now but it’s out of my hands now so there’s no point worrying about it right? Right?

Well, I’m not sure if I’m still subconsciously stressing over it or not because I haven’t been able to get a good night sleep for 2 nights in a roll now. And this is straight after getting sick.

I haven’t been so unwell that I had to take a day off work in a couple of years and I’m a bit annoyed that it has now ruined my plan to get a perfect year of no sick leave. But then health is more important, I was feeling like I was about to keel over on Wednesday so there was no point of me staying at work.

Yes, I did try and go into work on Wednesday. I already came home early on Tuesday and didn’t feel too bad. But I woke up on Wednesday feeling worse (which I didn’t think was possible) and it was actually painful having to walk to the bus stop.

Of course, me being silly, still dragged my sick self to work and stayed for a few hours. Then I realised that I wasn’t going to last the whole day and should just come home to rest.

So I came back to the flat and just lay on the couch. I had to put the fan heater on as well as use the blanket and my coat to keep me warm. I actually fell asleep and had to literally drag myself to get some food for lunch so I can take more medicine. I was sick of my crackers diet at that point but didn’t want to risk upsetting my stomach further so I chalked it down.

Then I proceeded to pass out again till the evening, when the low fever broke. I dragged myself to a shower and came out feeling more humane again, thank goodness.

I’m feeling pretty much ok now and am back to normal diet, though strong tea still scares me a little. Not that it stopped me from having a PG Tips cuppa this morning. I got around with not wasting a perfectly good tea bag but needed weaker tea by using 1 teabag to make 3 cups of tea 😉 Works perfectly.

I slept all right last night but still woke up way to early for my liking. I lounged around in bed, reading on my phone a bit before deciding to just get up and do the laundry. I’m flying home today but the flight won’t be till nearly 4pm so I’m just enjoying a nice, chilling time on the couch with my feet up. And apparently, with Spice Girls on xD

It turns out many of their songs are familiar to me, though my get go song is still Wannabe. But ‘Say You’ll Be There’, ‘Stop’, ‘Move Over’ and ‘Too Much’ all makes me feel nostalgic and weirdly content. I also definitely know ‘Goodbye’ but never registered that it’s a Spice Girls song…

Anyway, the air quality has been horrendous in GZ for the past couple of days. I wonder if that contributes to my state… It’s also getting warmer and warmer in GZ, I actually have to put the fan on today to keep cool xD

Though, it will be a lot hotter back in BKK… I’m so glad we are hitting the beach tomorrow. If not for the relaxation by the seaside, the hotel’s AC will make the trip worthwhile.

Oh, the alarm just went off. I set it to remind myself to make an early lunch and do the final tidy up/packing so I can leave for the airport early-ish.

Right, I’m not sure how active blogging wise I can be while I’m on this break. I am giving myself a complete break, with no work whatsoever because goodness knows I need it. Though I do want to get to my writing again, my close cousins are also going on this trip to the beach so I may spend time catching up and swimming in the pool instead. We’ll see.

Right, food awaits and Thailand beckons. I’ll see you on the other side.

Hope you all have a brilliant weekend guys!


With love,

From GZ


PS – I finally finished watching Constantine this morning after having watched the first half an hour or so last Saturday, then got through most of it last night but had the last few minutes left which I finished this morning xD

Keanu Reeves was so gorgeous in this film I can’t even. xD Me and another friend were gushing over him in this film and Speed last night while our male friend just rolled his eyes. *sighs dreamily*

I also really like mythical stories, including biblical ones so this film hits all the right spots for me. So good. Can’t believe it’s taken me nearly 11 years to get around to this!



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