My funny sonnet

It is funny that after all this time,

You’ve still managed to bring this side out true.

It is difficult to find words that rhyme,

It’s funny I want to write this for you.

You have always been the one to inspire,

To make me want to step out of the box.

You make me want to construct an empire,

Laughing and crying to a ticking clock.

I want you t’see me at my best, shining.

When I soar, I want to know you are there.

And when I’m angry and bitter, shiv’ring.

My worst is yours to see too if you care.

You have my first ‘I love you’, through and through.

It’s funny I’ve written this, now, for you.


A/N: I sat on the bus this morning, thinking about how I want to try and tackle poetry again. It’s probably from reading Neil Gaiman’s Dark Sonnet on Monday.

I’ve never tried writing a sonnet before, but I really do love Shakespeare’s sonnets. Sonnet 18 is my favourite and yes, I know, it might be too mainstream but it was the first one I’ve ever read and analysed so it will always have a special place in my heart.

This one I’ve written though really brings back the poem at the end of 10 Things I Hate About You but I can’t make it more ‘Shakespearean’ at the mo. The fourth line was actually the first line first, but then I couldn’t think of a better way to end the first four lines so I shuffled things around. Keeping each line at 10 syllables was hard too.

Hopefully, it hasn’t come out too childish. I’d like to shout out to Dark Sonnet by Neil Graham. That is one beautiful poem. And isn’t it a funny world, being back in this position now…

PS – Stomach’s still not well, dammit. Still in a bit of pain *sighs*


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