[Food Review] Post-work Italian dinner at Ottimo

After that blogging spree, I seemed to have gone dark again, lol. It’s been one hell of a week at work last week. I’m partly to blame, I knew that quite a few deadlines were coming up and I thought I had it under control. I kind of did but I think the whole stressful atmosphere at work didn’t help. I might have panicked a little last Monday, wondering how on Earth was I going to finish everything in time.

I hadn’t been that close to bursting into tears at work since I was training in England, lol. Now that, brought back some memories.

Anyway, it’s all under control now and I cannot wait for the break next week. Whoop!

And today, when my stomach is aching (as it has been since morning), I finally found my blogging muse again.

I like doing thing chronologically because it’s easiest to keep track that way so I went through the photos on my phone to remember which place was up to a review next.

Introducing Ottimo, a small Italian restaurant around the north campus of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. I’ve had their pizza many times already and have visited the place 3 times (I think). This is the only time I’ve managed to get my phone out for a picture xD

Here is Kathy‘s order:


I believe it was a fried chicken dish but Kathy’s asked for the side veg to be some sort of salad…?

We all had a bite (me had quite a few) and I think it was pretty good.

Score: 4

Will come back to update Kathy’s score.

Kathy’s score update: 5



This was Lucey’s pumpkin soup I think. I forgot to take a photo until she was more than half way through the dish ^^” We joked about how I should make my photos on this blog ones after the meal xD

Didn’t taste this one so can’t give any score. I think Lucey’s mentioned that it was good but sweet? Will come back and update her score.

Score update: 4


And here is the star of the night.


One’s for Lucey and one for me. I’m not greedy enough to order 2.

Large (11″) Calzone. I absolutely love calzone. I can’t remember when I first discovered it, must have been when I was studying in the UK and probably when I was still in my undergrad. I’ve always loved thick crust pizza (I know, that’s not a proper Italian pizza but what can I say) so a calzone is a perfect mix of true Italian taste with mine.

I didn’t think I would come across this gem in China so I was very excited when I first saw the calzone on the menu. I’ve never been able to order anything else for the past 3 times I’ve visited the restaurant.

(The other times I’ve had their pizzas were delivered.)

The other 2 times I went for a ‘small’ one and that was still 9″ and very filling. This time, I suggested to Lucey, whom ordered the same as me, that we should get the large, eat half and take the other half home.

We didn’t quite realise how big it really would be xD

Just half of the calzone was so very filling. The fillings were ham and salami I think. I don’t really like salami so I left them out on the side. The rest, was heavenly.

I also had enough for my second breakfast on the next day xD

(We went to this place almost 2 weeks ago now. I had evening duty so had to stay behind till 9pm hence going out for dinner.)

Score: 6 

Lucey’s score update: 5


Overall, it’s a great place to go to for dinner if we had to stay behind to do more work in the evening. I don’t think I can bring myself to order anything else other than the calzone either xD Though I try to avoid dinners on a weekday because my weight would definitely not appreciate it.


And that’s pretty much it for this entry. I’m starting to feel sleepy now and the stomach isn’t getting any better so I’m just going to go sulk. Or may be dry my hair and see if I want to call it a night since it’s nearly 8pm and all now.


Hope you all are having a much better Monday than I am!


With love,

From GZ


PS – Went to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice yesterday at an IMAX 3D cinema at Wanda Plaza. I didn’t see any trailer before at all and haven’t seen any of the other DC Comics films either… So I should really congratulate myself from not feeling too lost while watching the film xD It was all right I’m supposed. And I’m just happy that I got through another 3D film without getting a headache. It was actually pretty good in 3D, I can kind of see the appeal now… ish.

Some of the actions were good and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I like Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne. Man, that man all dressed up in a 3-piece suit, with his hair going grey around the temple. Mmmmmm When he suits up, he kind of looks like a fat Batman… >.> Sorry Ben. You’re too buff and the suit really packs on pounds. I always appreciate British actors and Henry Cavill was just lovely and righteous.

Though I think the film’s saving grace is their female characters. I absolutely love Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Amy Adams’s Lois Lane. Also, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther. Man, he only got on my nerves towards the end of the film xD I actually liked the character Lex Luther before he went bonkers.

Won’t say much more because I don’t want to spoil the film for anyone!


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