[Food Review] It started with the trivia at Rebel Rebel

It seems like I’m a blogging spree xD I love the scheduling option, I can blog, blog and blog. Then schedule it to be published whenever I want! 😉

Anywho, still all about food reviews here. It won’t be too long either because I don’t have that many photos of the food from Rebel Rebel… ^^”

(Or if you can use facebook, here’s their facebook page.)

It’s a small place near Shipaiqiao Metro Station. Leave at Exit A, do a U-turn after you’ve come up onto the street (you’ll be walking along the main road with the department store on your left). Turn left at the first intersection/traffic light. Rebel Rebel is in one of the small roads, look out for the tiger sign. If you come across the Oakwood apartment building, then you’ve gone too far.

We first went to Rebel Rebel when they held a special Trivia back in November. We were so excited for it that we went so early – 5pm. The quiz didn’t quite start till after 6.30pm, lol.

The place gets quite packed on Trivia nights. Anyway, we were all hungry and their menu looked good. I ordered sausages and mash potato which was so good. I was very impressed. Shame that I didn’t take a photo from that night, it will come later with a proper review.

That night was a success. I actually won our team our money back by getting the bonus round answer correct (whoop!). And we didn’t come last. So we all agreed that the night was a win for us all xD


Shirley Temple Mocktail


This was the drink I ordered more than once that night. They don’t have that many mocktails to choose from, only 4 if I remember correctly. Shirley Temple is the only one that do not have mint. I’m not a big fan of mint so…

I like this drink though, and have been ordering it at least once every time I went there. If I remember correctly, it’s Grenadine syrup (hence the colour) in sparkling water and a squeeze of lemon.

It tasted like Sprite but a tad sweeter. I also like the red colour 🙂

Score: 5


The next time I went, if I remember correctly, was after the New Year. Kathy, me and another friend went when they had a promotion where if order the main course, you get free flow Tiger beer from 7-8pm. Kathy was very psyched up for that.


Chicken schnitzel with grilled vegetable and fries. It was pretty good, the chicken was crunchy and we all liked the grilled veg.

Score: 4


We were so focused on eating that night that I only managed to take one photo of the chicken schnitzel. We ordered the sausages again but I completely forgotten to take a photo until…


At least it was so good that we polished it off in a short amount of time…!

My drink fared slightly better.


I can’t actually remember how many glasses of Shirley Temple I ordered that night actually… lol.


We went again for Trivia in January but I only have pictures of people and no food… (We also made an improvement and came 8th out of 11 in the Trivia. Our second round results were extremely good, we got a ridiculous amount of questions right. Sadly, the double points were in the first round which we didn’t do so well on… Damn. If the double point was in the second round, we would totally come out in a much higher place.)


Anyway, we went back again just under 2 weeks ago and I finally remember to take a photo of my favourite dish there.


I’ve mentioned in the last post that I like to try new things now and explore the menu right? Well, I haven’t been able to order other dishes here at Rebel Rebel yet because their bangers and mash and bake beans and the caramelised onions are so bloody good. The small portion of salad with vinaigrette is great too. It’s my taste of England here in GZ.

I was going to give it a 6 first but then I just realised as I typed out the last paragraph that I’ve kept on ordering this same dish so it can’t just be a 6.

Score: 7



And here’s another bonus and British points! It’s Ribena with a squeeze of lemon. Oh my goodness. I think this could possibly replace my order of Shirley Temple. I love Ribena, it’s one of the things I really miss about England. So to have this drink available at Rebel Rebel is a dream come true.

Score: 6 (because I could do with a bit more Ribena…)


And that’s pretty much it for Rebel Rebel. We ordered the pizza as well as many appetizers but no pictures and I don’t remember much about them… The pizza we had was spicy with lots of chilies but still good. We weren’t that impressed with the appetizers though.

Ah! They got good live music though. We usually go there on a Friday so that’s good. It can get loud though so be prepared to shout to the person next to you to have a conversation.

To me, Rebel Rebel is now my taste of Britain here in GZ 😉


And that’s a wrap for the entry. Hope you are having a good week so far! Not too long till Friday now.


With love,

From GZ



  1. prinkatwong3rd · March 17, 2016

    Damn…this is some incredible free advertising for them. These restos should really pay us…


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