[Food Review] The long and overdue review for Bosphorus

I didn’t realise until half my way through my last review that I’ve completely forgotten about Bosphorus. We’ve been there many times now and I’ve never written a review for it.

And as I was going through my pictures, I realised that I don’t have that many pictures of food at Bosphorus at all… ^^” I wonder why is that…

We always order quite a bit but it seems like I’ve managed not to take pictures of most of them! ^^”

So this entry may be a bit short…

I must confessed that even though I love food, I haven’t really tried that many things or different cuisines in my life. Not from a fear of trying new things, I love trying new food. It’s just that I’m a creature of habit and I like to go to the same place over and over again.

(At least I don’t really order the same thing over and over again now. I quite like to try out new menus nowadays but this has only started when I went to uni.)

So the first time I’ve ever had Turkish food was at Bosphorus about 6 months ago. And it made one hell of an impression.

I love, love, love lamb and the lamb at Bosphorus has never disappointed me.

I think I’ve ordered the lamb skewers the first time I went there and possibly had foodgasm. Kathy ordered eggplant and onion salad I think which were very good. We also had bread and enjoyed their dip and pickled veg. (I love pickled vegetable.)

And I can’t quite believe that I didn’t take any photos!


Anyway, here’s one picture from another visit back in November 2015.


Lamb chops

Since I like to try new menus these days, I went for lamb chops that time. Oh my goodness.

It, was divine. The lamb was cooked to perfection and spiced just right. I was in heaven with this plate.

Score: 7

(And I actually had to go back to the video clip Kathy and I filmed during our first visit to the Garden Hotel Ladies Night to check for the score. We made a comparison between the lamb chops at the Garden Hotel to the one in Bosphorus. And yeap, gave it a 7 back then.)



Lamb kebab

This was from the latest time we went to Bosophorus just over 2 weeks ago. I didn’t feel like having rice and wanting to try another new dish but still want lamb. So a lamb kebab it is!

It was good but I wanted more lab… It was surprisingly filling though…

Score: 5



This pudding though. Oh my goodness. This gorgeous, decadent, chocolate heaven in a single bite. It’s dark and creamy but not too sweet and the pistachio on top was just perfect with everything else.

If you like chocolate, then you must try this dessert.

Score: 7


And… that is it. *awkward smile* I told you that I didn’t have many photos at all… *looks sheepish*

I would highly recommend the Big B to anyone and everyone, the food is fantastic.


That’s pretty much it for me tonight. It’s getting warmer again in GZ which makes it slightly hard to decide what to wear since it’s still not warm enough to go short-sleeve yet but turtlenecks might be a bit too much… Decisions, decisions :p

Anyway, hope you are having a good week guys!

With love,

From GZ


PS – a relatively old Thai song (I think it came out in 2008 or 2009?) came up on my iTunes today. Haven’t listened to the song properly in so long that it felt almost like I was listening to it the first time. It flashed me back to university days and there is one particular vivid scene I saw in my head. That brought back memories… may be I’ll share that here some days… If anyone’s curious, here’s the link to it.

PPS – the scheduling works! Yay! Bring on blogging the night before xD



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