[Food Review] 1920 Restaurant & Bar

It hasn’t been the most productive weekend. I got just a little bit of work done (boo -3-) and so I’m trying to make myself feel a bit more productive with blogging.

I’m also going to try the ‘Schedule’ function too so fingers crossed.

We are back once more with a food review. I actually had to go back through my photos to remember which place to review next ^^”

Please allow me to introduce one of our favourite places to go for food and/or drinks: 1920 Restaurant & Bar

My first time there was just after the Chinese New Year holiday a month ago. We actually went to Tairyo at Wanda Plaza for some teppanyaki first (no review because I only have one measly clip of the whole experience… ^^”) and then venture out to Taojin for post-dinner chit-chat.


I actually can’t remember what I’d ordered here. It’s one of the mocktails… might have been the fruit punch… And so because I don’t actually remember the drink or how it tasted, I can’t really give it a score… ^^”

(If it was the fruit punch, a score for that will come later from our latest visit. I definitely remember that).

We sat on the fifth floor patio and the atmosphere was great.


My friends ordered this and I had a bite or two. It’s a 3-typed chocolate mousse/cake. I wasn’t really that impressed with it partly because I’m not the biggest mousse fan.

I do like rich, dark chocolate mousse but I find most chocolate mousse-based dessert too light and airy. Also, I think the menu said ‘cake’ and so I was expecting a 3-typed chocolate cake rather than mousse.

Score: 3



After finishing my mocktail, I ordered a cup of hot chocolate. Again, I haven’t been that impressed with chocolate drinks in GZ but this cup was all right.

Score: 4


So I suppose my first time there wasn’t that impressive in terms of food/drinks. However, the atmosphere was great and it was in Taojin area.


We went back again 2 weeks ago for an after dinner drinks again (we went to Bosphorus this time which is in the building right next to 1920).


I tried another mocktail this time, I think it’s called Lychee Temptation and I must say that I quite liked it! It can be quite difficult getting the lychee flavour right if you don’t use the real fruit. I was pleased to find that the lychee taste wasn’t too artificial and overwhelming here.

I think they’ve used the canned lychee as their based which is a good choice. I’m a big fan of lychee so I would definitely order this drink again.

Score: 5


We didn’t order any food that time, considering how stuffed we all were after the dinner.


Which leads to our latest visit to 1920 on Friday. This time, we actually had dinner there. It was drizzling and the temperature has dropped in GZ at the end of last week so we opted for the indoor section on the 4th floor instead.

The atmosphere was very nice and we sat in the section where we could enjoy the Happy Hour!


This was one of Kathy‘s orders. I’ll explain why it’s ‘one of’ later. The various vegetables were grilled and seasoned really well. I was surprised at how good it tasted. The portion was pretty small though…

My score: 5

Will come back and add in Katy’s score.

Kathy’s score update: 6 



I definitely ordered the Berry Fruit Punch here. I remember looking through their Happy Hour mocktails list where the lychee drink I had before caught my eyes but I wanted to try something new. I, of course, had completely forgotten that I might have ordered the fruit punch the first time we went to 1920…

Ah well, since I didn’t actually remember that first time, it was a good thing I’d ordered the fruit punch here. I think it’s hard to find a glass of fruit punch that accommodates my taste. I like it quite citrus-y but still with a hint of syrup that I grew up with in Thailand.

(I actually have to google it up to see if 1.) it has an English name and 2.) whether it’s known outside of Thailand or not.

Found the English name but it seems to be a Thai product. It’s Hale’s Blue Boy Sala Flavored Syrup which I absolutely loved as a kid and still love now. Sala is a kind of Thai fruit. I’ve just found out that it can be called snake fruit in English, probably due to its prickly skin. Huh… Thank you Google and Wikipedia.)

Anyway, I was definitely happy with my choice here, would definitely order it again once I’ve made my way through the menu xD

Score: 6



I was feeling like having some cheese so I ordered a starter of Camembert. I can’t remember what exactly is the name of the dish but they are pieces of Camembert cheese, covered with bread crumb.

They were crispy on the outside and soft and melt-y on the inside. The almond, berry sauce and mint leaf really, really complement the Camembert. Having the whole piece in one bit is like a small piece of heaven in your mouth.

I believe that this dish was a hit all around.

Score: 6



It was a tough decision, choosing my main dish. It was either the pork knuckle or a mix platter of sausages, both a well known German dish. I went for the pork knuckle this time and was not disappointed.

We were all a bit shock at the size of it, first of all. It was possibly as big as the one from Paulaner but less pricey. This dish was just a little bit over RMB 100.

The sauerkraut was fantastic and the meat, juicy. The crackling wasn’t as good as the one from Paulaner but it was one hell of a dish for its price.

Score: a very strong 6



My friends order the cheesecake and I must say, it would definitely be a hit if I love cheesecake. The cheese was rich but everything else completed it very well.

My score: 5

One of our gentlemen-friends’ score: “Cheesecake…out of 7? Probably a cool million.” 

Will update if anyone else contributed to the score.



I saw a new hot drink menu right from the beginning with a caramel and nut hot chocolate that caught my attention. So I ordered it after I’d polished off my pork knuckle.

Sadly, the hint of almond was just a tad too strong for me and it was super sweet. Not that I could taste that much caramel… The small bottle had more syrup for those who wanted it sweeter (o.O).

Score: 3


And these were all the pictures I’ve taken. We’ve tried the sausage platter, potato noodle and another plate of salad too, as well as numerous drinks.

The place got busier and busier as the night went on and the music was to our liking. However, the service was a bit too disorganised…

As mentioned earlier, Kathy ended up with 2 plates of salad instead of one. She switched the order while ordering but the waiter didn’t cancel the first one. We ended up sharing the other plate of salad.

I actually didn’t mind since I really like their food but it would have been bad if we didn’t have such a big appetite.

It was a good thing we arrived at about 6pm when it wasn’t busy at all or it might have been worse.

Aside from that, everything else was great! I’d love to go again and try new dishes 🙂

Hopefully this entry will be posted as plan. If so, I hope you had a great start to the week!


With love,

From GZ



After reading Kathy’s comment, I realise that we had difficulties with the service the first night as well. One of our friends ordered a pint of beer and it took a couple of reminders before it got served. We were sitting up on the rooftop patio then.

I think it’possibly a common theme there that once the place gets busy, you have to be a bit patient with them….



  1. prinkatwong3rd · March 15, 2016

    SO disorganized, but SO good!

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