Philavan – พิลาวัณย์

Finally, it’s time for a post about my flight back to GZ after the Chinese New Year holiday. (I know, it’s nearly a month late but again, better late than never xp)

I flew back to GZ on Saturday 13 Feb with Thai Airways. The flight time is quite early this time around, scheduled to take off before 10am. So I was up by about 6am and had some breakfast.

The good thing about flying with TG is that there were so many check-in counters so I didn’t really have to wait at all. I also had 30kg weight limit. Whoop whoop.

After that, I said good bye to my family then went on to the Security check and Immigration. I was inside by about 7.30am. To kill time, I made my way to the King Power Lounge for a second breakfast xD


Congee and tea

I don’t normally like congee for breakfast but their congee was good. I’m getting hungry just looking at the picture now…

I had a bit to eat while waiting and just browsing on my phone. It was pretty relaxing 🙂 and free! ;D

Score: 5


I made my way to the Gate just before 9am and was greeted with a very nice surprise.

They upgraded me to Business Class because the flight was full.


This would be my first in a very long time to sit in the Business Class. Needless to say, I was super excited!

I was among the first passengers to board the plane (for once) and couldn’t really keep the grin off my face as I sat down in my seat.


There was definitely more leg room here xD

As I settled in, the flight attendant came around to serve us some drinks.


Orange juice

The glass was definitely half full 😉


The menu

Another flight attendant came around to give us the food and drinks menus. I was intrigue to see what kind of food they’d serve in Business Class.

Here are the menus if you feel like squinting slightly to read them.





After picking my choice of the main course, I looked around my seat to see what was available.


There were a lot more buttons/functions to choose for the seat! The seat was bigger than in Economy class and it went further back. It was very comfy to lounge in.


It was definitely a seat with a view :)))

After the Entertainment came online, I tried to find a film to watch. I was too excited to sleep and I didn’t want to waste my opportunity in Business Class.

Ended up watching Hero (2015), a Japanese film based on a J-series of the same name. It also stars Kimura Takuya, one of the most popular actors in Japan.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it before, but I am a huge fan of J-Pop so I’m pretty familiar with the entertainment business in Japan. Kimura Takuya, commonly known as KimuTaku, is also in a boy-band called SMAP. SMAP is arguably one of the most famous acts in Japan at the moment, having officially been in the business for more than 25 years.

Anyway, here’s a trailer for the film I’ve watched. It was pretty good actually.

While I was watching the film, the flight attendants started serving our food.


Almonds and orange juice to get our appetite going.

Then they came around with a white cloth which acted as a table cloth. Fancy…



Grilled US Scallop wrapped with leek ribbon

Duck Liver Mousse with Apple

I love scallop but I was never a fan of duck liver… I quite enjoyed this dish but I have to say, what impressed me the most was the green vegetable in the middle. I think it was celery but seasoned well with raisins or something sweet and fruity. I was happily munching it away.

Score: 5


Main course

Baked Chicken Thigh in Pandan Leaf Sauce

Steamed Thai Hom Mali Rice

Chiang Mai Vegetables 

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit surprised to see the food in the same container as what I would get in Economy class. I was half expecting it to come in a dish like the Starter.

However, I was upgraded so I won’t complain xD The chicken was tender and went well with the rice.

Score: 4



Chocolate Panna Cotta with Apricot Jelly, Almond Crunch and Armagnac Caramel Chocolate Truffle

Stuffed Rice Flour with Coconut and Caramel Covered with Sesame seeds

A pretty long description for a pretty small portion. I wasn’t so impressed with the dessert either, partly because neither the chocolate truffle nor the Thai dessert was to my taste. I tried both and ate all of the apricot jelly (xD that was nice and tangy). The fruit was good though, with apple, grapes and papaya.

Sadly, they didn’t have black tea so I had a cup of Oolong instead.

Score: 3


Even though the food didn’t quite impress me that much, the overall experience was still fantastic. Especially since it was a free upgrade ;D I was so sad that the flight was only 3 hours, I would have loved to enjoy the seat for longer. I also forgot to try out the massage option on the seat! >< Will definitely have to try that if I ever find myself in Business Class again ;D


Overall experience score: 6


It is nearly 9pm now, bed time for me. Just need to dry my hair and then sleep~ Didn’t sleep that well last night I think so felt bad this morning. Thankfully, I felt better in the afternoon. Have another busy day ahead of me tomorrow, eeps.

Hope you are all having a good week!

With love,

From GZ


PS – It’s been warm for about a week or so but it’s finally rained today and the temperature is dropping. I’m glad for the rain, the air quality was getting very bad and you can see it when you go outside. But hopefully, it won’t be too freezing.

PPS – I went to see Zootopia with Kathy on Sunday and IT WAS AMAZING. We loved it so much!! Just like what Lune said, it was so gooddddddddddd.


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