[Food Review] RICCI Creative Eats

Since I’m on a blogging spree(?) and that the internet seems to be somewhat working, I better get on with this long and overdue blog entry.

I first went to RICCI Creative Eats back in August when I have just moved to GZ. It had made a great impression back then and hasn’t failed to satisfy us every time since. Most of the photos I have are from the second to last time I went to celebrate Chinese New Year Holiday/the end of Semester 1 but I do have 1 other photo from the time before that.


From the second time at RICCI

I actually can’t find an official website to RICCI so don’t have the names/descriptions of the dishes so you are all stuck with my memory/creativity xp

This was a salmon burger dish. I was feeling like burger that day and I think this was one of their special menu. Sadly, it didn’t quite live up to the expectation. I didn’t particularly like the salmon patty. The rest of the burger was good, loved the pickles and the buns, but the salmon was supposed to be the star of the show so the whole dish kind of flopped.

Score: 3


Moving on to last month’s visit.


Blueberry, banana, yoghurt and honey smoothie (I think)

One of the things that is well known at RICCI is their smoothies. I always get one when I can and have learned to go for the big size rather than the small. I also try to get a different one each time but I actually can’t quite remember now which ones I have had before… ^^”

This glass didn’t disappoint and because of the big size, it lasted the whole meal! I was actually very full by the end… ^^”

Score: 5



Moroccan Eggplant humus

This one was pretty good to, especially to share, and healthy as well!

Score: 4


Fries with 3 different sauces

The first time I saw the Thai sweet chilies sauce, I might have squealed quietly in excitement. I forget sometimes that I’m in China, not England, and that the Thai’s influence is much stronger here at times, lol.

Still, I didn’t think there are many people out there that have similar tastes like me. I love dipping my fries in the Thai sweet chilies sauce. I actually like mixing the Thai sweet chilies sauce with tomato ketchup ;P

There’s also some sort of soy sauce mayonnaise dip too that was fascinating. So this fries dish was definitely intriguing.

Score: 5


Chicken and Pesto Pasta

Onto my main course, I saw that they have a pesto pasta dish so of course I had to try it xD

It didn’t disappoint either! It was creamy and full of pesto flavour with mushrooms and chicken. Very filling. I was afraid that it wouldn’t be big enough, turned out that I struggled to finish the whole dish! I was very surprised at that. I was starving by the time dinner was served so to struggle to finish the whole serving was odd for me.

I was actually so full I ended up feeling nauseous that night. I think I’ve mentioned it in this post before about how I ended up feeling quite sick after pigging out. So yes, it was mainly because of this plate of pasta xD

It was still a good plate of pasta though.

Score: 5


Here are some other dishes that other people ordered. I don’t think anybody would have remember the score they would give to their dishes now so I’ll just post the pics with a brief description (if I can think of any)…


This one was The Angry Chef’s dish. Rice with Thai style chicken I think. I believe she was happy with her selection.

Score update: 5



This is the flat bread with salmon and avocado, ordered by The Angry Chef’s husband. Good too I believe.



I believe this is a beef dish with either curry rice or couscous…?



And here is Ice Man’s salad. I think it might be beef as well…?


I think every body was happy with their choices. Sorry I couldn’t give the score to every dishes… ^^”

I wouldn’t mind going back to RICCI sometimes soon. It’s right opposite of Ikea at the Guangzhou East Railway Station, Line 3 on Metro too. And there’s a pretty big Aeon supermarket very close by as well as Daiso. It’s a very good place to go on a weekend to shop.

Well, I hope you all had a great Thursday. It’s Friday tomorrow! Woohoo!

With love,

From GZ


PS – I’ve actually written this post yesterday after I realised that I should have just open the web in a new tab to get everything working again… Trying the scheduling option as well. Let’s see if it’ll work or not xD

PPS – The 3rd of March is the Hinamatsuri in Japan, so happy Girl’s Day! I love the ornament dolls, they are all beautiful and elaborate! Not to mention expensive too… lol.



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