A March Entry

Happy March everyone!

I was going to do a food review for RICCI Creative Eats since that is long overdue as well as prep for an entry for my flight back to GZ where I was upgraded to Business class because of a full flight.

However, my internet has been terrible. It hasn’t really improved at all since Monday and so I can’t upload any photos. *sighs* I hope it’ll be better soon. Not even sure if I’ll be able to post this entry -3-

Now that my plan A and B are thwarted, I’m not quite sure what to write…

Oh, I tried making a mug cake on Monday. It’s a self-saucing chocolate decadent (apparently) but sadly didn’t quite work out for me. I wonder if it was because I used butter instead of oil and that might have changed the consistency of the batter. May try it again if the mood strikes, but for now, I’ll probably stick to baking in the oven.

I also haven’t been feeling well yesterday or today. After the 9 hours of sleep on Sunday night, I seemed to fail at going to bed early enough for a good, solid 8 hours for two nights straight. So I went from being energetic and cheerful on Monday, to just exhausted yesterday and feeling a bit unwell today.

Hoping to counter that with a good sleep today and starting tomorrow bright and early. I was supposed to be on the 500 calories today as well as part of my 5:2 plan but I wasn’t as strict as I normally would be. Wouldn’t be too good to starve your body when you’re ill so ate some Chinese cabbage as well as soup on tops of my boiled egg whites and banana for lunch. That seemed to do the trick.

Still came home feeling very tired and was just lounging around on the couch. Couldn’t peel myself off it until half past 6pm to go take a shower. Cooked some rice as well so I have something substantial to eat for breakfast tomorrow morning. Can’t wait xD

//Just checked with the uploading images, still uploading… Man…

Anyway, I might use tonight to write some more then. Got a request to continue with my ‘A Classic‘ story so I’ll like to explore Vanessa’s and Darren’s stories more.

Hope you are all having a good week so far. We are half way through the weekdays now, not too long till the weekend!

With love,

From GZ

PS – I didn’t know what to put as the title of this post at all until nearly the end of the post. Actually went back to add the greeting towards the end too xD

PPS – turns out I had to open a new tab to post this… May be the uploading pictures will work now…


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