A Leap Day Post (or my thoughts about this year Oscars)

I thought of blogging earlier but wasn’t quite in the mood to do a food review post or some writing so I didn’t. And then I realised that it’s the 29th of February and that it only comes around once every 4 years, I should totally try to write a blog on this day. Hence this entry this late.

And possibly short, let’s see. I’m going to try a new format too for the sake of quickness because I want to sleep early so I can wake up early tomorrow.

1.) Talk about sleeping early, I went to bed at around 8.30pm last night. As in I fell asleep then. I was having a hard time keeping my eyes opened before 8pm. It was slightly insane. I think it was because I slept late on both Friday and Saturday night (since it was the weekend and all) so I was making up for it last night.

Well, it was glorious going to bed that early xD I also had my alarm set for 5.15am so I was early to school this morning. It was a pretty good start to the week.

2.) Sam Smith’s ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ just came up on my iTunes. I’m loving this song more and more. I wasn’t that impressed with it at first, when I first heard it as the opening credit of Spectre in the theatre. But that might be because I was looking for Ben Whishaw.

So I’ve only gotten around to listen to it properly when I watched The Graham Norton Show when Sam Smith went on with the Spectre’s cast and performed it live. Oh my goodness, that man has one hell of a voice.

The tune is haunting but beautiful, with the 007 touch. And the lyrics… it really makes me want to write things xD

Which brings us to the next point.

3.) Also, I’m so happy for Sam Smith and  Jimmy Napes for winning the Oscars for Best Original Song today! Woo!

Which leads us to the next (possible few) points.

4.) I’m so, so happy for Leonardo DiCaprio finally winning the  Academy Award for Best Actor. I really am because it has been a long time coming. And yet, after having seen The Danish Girl, I was so rooting for Eddie Redmayne as well.

Leo’s acceptance speech was beautiful though.

5.) So happy for Alicia Vikander for winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress from The Danish Girl! You go girl! Your epic performance in that film deserves this and more!

6.) I was so focused on the Oscars all throughout the morning today. Kept refreshing the pages to keep up with the results. So happy for ‘Inside Out’ but that was a no brainer at all.

And apparently Chris Rock’s opening monologue was a hit. Can’t find a full one to watch just yet but I am looking forward to that because I had no idea at all how funny he would be and so have no expectation to be disappointed. xD

7.) All of the excitement over the Oscars made me think of the last 2 years where I was able to watch the programme live… That was pretty fun. Especially 2014 one where Ellen DeGeneres was the host. The pizza episode and the selfie that broke the internet were EPIC. As well as Ellen dressed in  Glinda, the Good Witch of the North’s (I think) puffy, pink dress.

8.) And I’ve been looking through the Best and Worst dress on the red carpet too xD I’ve always been interested in that and see what other people think as the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ dress. There are quite a lot of times that I don’t quite agree with the verdicts, lol.

9.) I actually went back to add a little bit more to the title as this post has turned out to be a recapped of my first reaction to the 88th Academy Awards. I’ll probably has more to say once I’ve seen the whole show.

And I’m afraid that I will have to cut this here. It’s already 9.40pm, damn my inability to keep blogging quick. Won’t be getting up early like today then…

Hope you all had a good Monday and that you all will have a great week!

With love,

From GZ


PS – My internet (vpn rather) has been shitty all evening, should have known to turn it off and on again to solve the problem…

PPS – And the connection went a bit wonky again just now that I tried to post it. Thankfully, it went through or else the last PS would’ve been one of those famous last words, lol.


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