A classic

Vanessa comes back home in a sour mood. The day has been crap from the beginning through to the end. She has spent most of her day formatting documents and she did not slave away for a Masters degree to become a menial editor.

She has also just realised today that someone must have been taking her tea bags from the break room and that her stock of chocolate has run out.

And no, the shit day has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she has heard nothing from Darren since last night. Granted that his social network has been quiet too (no, she isn’t stalking him) but that isn’t too unusual from Darren. And he’s only been inactive online for less than 24 hours.

‘Well, he can bloody do whatever he likes. He’s a grown man after all as he’s kindly reminded me last night.’ Vanessa thought to herself sarcastically and purses her lips as she throws her coat over the couch. It’s not exactly warm enough yet in London but she is making a beeline to turn the heating on.

She is not in the mood to sit and shiver in her own home today. Her bank account can manage her spoiling herself for one night. Not that she can afford this town house with her paycheck alone, but she has always been her uncle’s favourite niece. He wouldn’t take no for an answer when he was moving to Japan with his partner.

It is a bit too big for just herself, may be she should seriously consider renting parts of it out on Airbnb or something.

The sound of the kettle starting to boil calms her mood down somewhat and the whirlwind of annoyance dampens down into just a gloomy overcast, like the weather outside. Vanessa picks the threads on her sweater as she waits for the kettle to go off.

She knows that she wasn’t entirely right in the fight last night either. She can’t, for the life of her, remember how it all started now but they both have never been good with words or expressing their feelings.

One scathing comment led to another, and it ended up with Darren leaving with the door slamming. Vanessa was left fuming too and was on the phone in less than a minute after.

“It’s bloody un-fucking-believable Risa. Who the hell does he think he is, talking to me like that?!” She ranted to her best friend who has just moved to France last October to work in a graphic design firm. 

It’s tough not being able to hop on the tube to go see her friend whenever, especially when Vanessa would very much like to have some company and may be a bottle or three of wine. At least there is a direct train to Paris from London and there is only one hour time difference. (If it wasn’t because she still has work tomorrow, she would be on that Eurostar right now.)

“He’s Darren, he’s never afraid to speak his mind to you, even when you were just friends. That’s what drew you to him in the first place.” The voice Vanessa’s has known for half of her life replies back through the receiver. Risa didn’t sound too fazed by her story and may be she knows Vanessa well enough to know how short her fuse can be. Darren also seems to have the ability to get under her skin like no other person.

“He also know how important this job is to me. I know it’s not much and, God, it feels like I haven’t read any well-written report recently, but he’s fucking belittled my job!” 

“No he didn’t. Or at least that’s not what he meant. He just doens’t want you to be stuck in a job that makes you unhappy. I don’t either but I know how whiny you can just be, complaining over just about anything.” Risa ignored her cries of indignation and just carries on. “And fucking stubborn at times too. So I’ll just let your boyfriend do all the talking and leave the job of sending you chocolate to moi.” 

Risa said the last sentence in an exaggerated French accent and Vanessa couldn’t help but laughed. It cracks her up every time Risa does any kind of accent because it’s so bad that it’s good

“There you go.” Vanessa could hear how pleased Risa was with herself at being able to make her laugh. “So just calm down, go make yourself another cup of tea. Or actually, warm milk or something and go to bed Vanni. It’ll be all right tomorrow.” Trusting Risa, like she always does, Vanessa did what Risa told her.  

“It’s already tomorrow Risa. Everything’s still not all right.” Vanessa mumbles to herself as she pours a bit of milk in her tea and actually contemplates putting sugar in her hot drink too. Her mood is definitely more dismal than what she wants to acknowledge.

Dinner is a quiet affair. She has the telly on but nothing really gets through to her as she checks her Twitter for the millionth time for any activity from Darren.

They aren’t the most romantic couple in the world, Darren and her, but communicating with him just came so easy, even when they weren’t dating yet. They don’t really talk much or see each other everyday but it is rare that they don’t send each other any text throughout the day. Sometimes it’s a link to a cute picture or a funny joke. Or just a random line, here and there.

She finds herself half way through writing a message a few times today to him and a part of her wonder if he catches himself doing that too. That definitely did not help with the sour mood.

‘May be I should just woman up and apologise first. God, I do miss him, it’s insane.’ She sighed heavily to herself as she stands up to clear the dish away.

She has to stop half way through washing the plate because the doorbell rings. She frowns as she washes her hand quickly. It too late to have a surprise visitor and her heartbeat picks up when she thinks (hopes) who it may be.

The image from the peephole sends her heart pounding but also makes her unlock the door quickly too.

“Hi,” Darren greets her, he sounds a bit unsure but Vanessa doesn’t really trust her judgement at the moment.

“Hello,” Now that Darren is here, she doesn’t know what to say.

“I just. Well,” he clears his throat and a part of her finds his not-eloquence absolutely adorable. “I just wanted to say that I am sorry about last night Vanessa.”

And then, a bouquet of yellow and orange appears in front of her.

‘He must have hidden it behind him.’ A part of her mind supply but the majority of her thoughts focus on the flowers in front of her. They are Gerbera and Chrysanthemum, neither her preferred flowers but her heart still swells at the thought of him buying them to apologise to her.

“You brought these from Tesco.” Trusts her mouth to get away from her.

He actually looked a bit embarrassed at that, “Nowhere else is opened that sells flowers at this time.”

She can’t stop a smile from blooming at the picture and she can see him relaxes.

“I’m sorry Vanessa, I know how much effort you put into your job. I shouldn’t have hurt your feelings like that.”

“I wasn’t nice either, I’m sorry about all of my comments. I’m your girlfriend, not your mother-”

“You were right though, you hit a mark. I was scared too. Still am now, because I want this, us, to work out so damn much.” Her breath hitches with his honesty and the intensity of his look even though she can see that his cheeks are coloured. She’s sure that she is flushing too but the smile is getting bigger.

“I want us to work out too.” She admits quietly and he finally breaks into a small smile.

Darren steps closer and she tilts her face up to meet him half way for a gentle kiss. The relief that crashes down through her makes her feels so giddy that she just want to giggle.

“We are a pair, aren’t we?” He asks her with a grin and she does giggle out loud.

“I was so pissed at you all day too Darren. Risa had an earful last night after you left.”

“I bet. Though I hope that I haven’t ended up on her bad book.”

“No, she knows how I can be a drama queen too so she just told me to wait it out and sent me to bed. Oh, and that she will send me chocolate.” Darren does laugh at that and Vanessa soaks in it.

“I’ll remember to buy that along with the flowers next time then.”

A particular strong wind blows by which reminds her that she only has a jacket to protect her from the cold.

“Come in Darren. I’m sorry we had to do that in the front porch. I bet we gave the neighbour a bit of a show.” Vanessa steps back into the warmth, inviting Darren into her home.

“If their lives are boring enough that they have to spy on their neighbours, then I think we can afford to put on a show for them. Though this is turning to be quite a classic Rom-Com scene, isn’t it?”

“Only if you give me another kiss.”

And he does.




A/N: I wanted to write something more lighthearted than what I wrote in my previous post. And this is a bit more up my usual alley (I’ve been dabbling in writing for quite a long time now, it’s pretty liberating).

I find it difficult to write original work though especially with building the characters. Just choosing their names took some time. I had to ask Lune for suggestions while giving her the starting letter to the name. But not Risa though. That, I came up with the name myself.

And there may be more of Vanessa and Darren! Now that I’ve come up with their names, I kind of have their characters down as well. Now, it’s just a case of getting down the writing…. ^^”



  1. lunerissa · February 26, 2016

    he should bring chocolate cake more than flower 😛 and may be premium tea set LOL


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