[Food and film review] This time last week

Time sure flies by when you are having fun. Before you know it, you’re back in the cold and working again :p

I’ve been back in GZ since Saturday and the weather has been getting colder and colder. I’ve found myself buried under work as well so haven’t gotten around to blogging until tonight.

I seem to like blogging on Wednesday, but that’s probably because it’s the day I don’t want to do anything the most xD I’m usually on a strict diet on Wednesday (unless I’m on a holiday) where I’ll only eat 500 calories. It’s the 5:2 diet and my diet/fast day is Sunday and Wednesday.

Anyway, about this time last week. I think that if I split the post up I may never catch up so I’ll combine last Wednesday and Thursday together so please bear with me.


Last Wednesday

I went out for lunch with a school friend, we had some classes together back in 8th grade. We reconnected a few years ago and have been going out for meals together every couple of months for the past year. We also met up in Japan during my April 2015 trip where we went to Universal Studio Japan, Tokyo DisneyLAND and DisneySEA together with my cousin. It was really fun.

I, of course, hadn’t had enough Japanese food yet so we went to a Japanese restaurant called Honmono Sushi at Central Chidlom. I’ve been there once before and it’s pretty well known in BKK. A bit on the pricey side but I think their lunch sets are a great deal considering how good the food is.

They are known for their sushi and rolls, we ordered this ‘Crunchy Rolls‘ to share.


The fillings were pretty standard: prawn, cucumber, seaweed, covered with shrimp roes. However, it was the tempura battered that gave this dish something different from others. There was a slightly sweet sauce, quite like the one you get with the tonkatsu (pork cutlet) which went really well with the rolls.

Score: 5


I was still feeling like I was fighting off a cold so I opted for something soup-based instead. This was a pork-sukiyaki set (a Japanese hot pot). It was good. Also came with a Japanese steamed egg side dish (or chawanmushi).


There was also a piece of melon to accompany it as dessert that came with the lunch set.


It was cold, sweet and juicy. Very refreshing.

Overall score for the whole lunch set: 6


After lunch, we went to Pinkberry for some frozen yoghurt dessert xD It’s at the connected part between Central Chidlom and Central Embassy.

I saw a sign which says that they have a new flavour out for Valentine’s month, Sea Salt Chocolate. Me, being a chocoholic, had to try it out of course and it was actually pretty nice. So I ordered that flavour.


I had lychee bubbles and granola as topping. I really like the lychee bubbles. I’m not so much as a huge fan of frozen yoghurt but I’d definitely go back to Pinkberry again because I like their bubbles toppings very much xD

Score: 5

I had a great time catching with my friend on Wednesday, went home full but still went down to exercise on the elliptical too 😉


Last Thursday


Sunrise from last Thursday at 6.36am.

I was grumbling to myself today how this time last week, I was gearing up to go see Deadpool. That’s right ladies and gents, I went to the cinema on the day the film was released in Bangkok. It was pretty much the reason why I was adamant to go out on Thursday.

Luckily, Lune (my best friend-slash-wife) was free too so she came with me. We went to Siam Paragon instead because Lune didn’t want to park at Central World (she’s more familiar with Paragon). After buying the tickets, we went down to have lunch.

It was my request to go to a tonkatsu place because I haven’t had my dose of the pork cutlet yet. So we went to Maisen, which is on the ground floor in Paragon.

I’ve tried Maisen in Bangkok (I think) a few years ago and was very impressed by their dish and the apple sauce. I then went on to try their place in Tokyo and was very much hooked. It has now become one of the places I absolutely must visit every time I find myself in Tokyo. The one in Bangkok isn’t as good as in Tokyo, but I can cope 😉


The cabbage was served first, it is kind of like a starter for tonkatsu restaurant. I really like it with the Japanese sesame and vinaigrette dressings. They also refill it for free too!

And here was the star of the show:


I ordered the kurobuta set because that’s the one that comes with the apple sauce.

The pork was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The sauce went really well with the pork, as did the rest of the dish including the pickled vegetable which was the side dish. I also very much like the fact that the miso soup can be refilled without charge. (The rice too but I normally just had one bowl. It’s the miso soup that I love.)

There was a scoop of green tea ice-cream (or almond pudding) that came with the set too.


Overall, I was very happy with my lunch, not to mention that the company was fab too. ^w^

Score: 6


We had about 15 minutes to kill between lunch and the film, so I went on to try my two new dresses that I bought from online and had them delivered to Lune’s place. I could fit into only one of them which made me even more resolved to stick to my 5:2 diet plan!

Anyway, it’s movie time! *-*


I think this cinema is slightly more expensive than the normal ones. The ticket price was 310 bahts per ticket I think. But I couldn’t/can’t bring myself to care because I just wanted to see Deadpool in the cinema so badly.

And man, I was not disappointed. From the opening credit right through to the end, I was so thoroughly entertained. Lune and I laughed so much and waited until they turned the lights back on before we left the cinema. It was hilarious and pretty offensive. Just like Deadpool.

I won’t say much more because I don’t want to spoil anybody so I’ll just give my score instead.

Score: 6


After the film, we went for some dessert (because how could we not ;p) and it was my request once again. I think I’ve mentioned in this post that I wanted to go to Bake a wish but we changed to go to have pancakes instead. Well, I had my chance last Thursday.

Bake a wish is a Japanese-styled, Western dessert place. Confused yet? xD Bake a wish is really known for their choux cream (and they really are great) but I was feeling like chocolate cake that day.


This was called Chicago and it’d be quite hard pressed to get any more chocolatey than this xD This might have been a new menu for Valentine’s season too, I’m not so sure but I’d never had it before.

The chocolate macaroon was good as well as the chocolate ganache. The inside was a chocolate mousse with layers of chocolate cake too. It wasn’t too sweet but I needed my pot of tea to finish this whole piece.

Score: 5



My pot of Darjeeling 🙂 It wouldn’t be complete without tea! xD

Score: 5 


A friend of Lune also came to join us briefly because she was happened to be there to some shopping. Her little boy was with her too, he is just over 2 years. After the initial weariness (from his side), he opened up to us and I had a fun time playing with him. He was adorable.

The day, overall, is a 7 though. A day out with Lune is always fantastic. ❤

And that wraps it up for last week. I still have my trip back to GZ to write about where I got upgraded to Business Class xD But that’s a story for another day.


Ah, my laptop is running out of battery and it’s nearly 9pm now! I think it’s time for me to go to sleep xD (My alarm is set to go off before 5.30am. I think I can go to sleep at 9pm :p)

Hope you are having a good week so far, and do keep warm if the weather where you are is cold!

With love,

From GZ


PS – the internet connection isn’t good tonight 😦



  1. lunerissa · February 17, 2016

    I was so full that day and gain more weight!!!! Thank to you darling


  2. simbalizm · February 18, 2016

    Ah. The chocolate bake a wish thingy…gimme me.


  3. prinkatwong3rd · February 19, 2016

    We need Pinkberry in GZ!!!


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