Less of a review, more of a recollection of how I’ve spent my Sunday

I’m slightly behind on my blog post (there’s another waiting to be written up about today and I’m going out tomorrow too…). However, better late than never right?

It was Chinese New Year’s Eve on Sunday so my mum’s side of the family took the opportunity to have a reunion of a sort. For once, the day landed during the weekend so most of the family members were free. We went to my maternal grandmother’s house first before making our way to my great uncle’s house for lunch.

These are just some of the orchids from my great aunt-in-law’s garden. They were all gorgeous and delicate looking. Can you spot the one that looked like a birdie?


It is always a treat whenever we have these lunches at my great uncle’s place. My great uncle is a fantastic cook and I love his food to bits. I think the dishes were a typical Chinese-Thai fusion, with chicken, duck, pork, fish and, thankfully, vegs.


Needless to say, I literally stuffed myself until I could no longer fit one more bite in. It’s the best way to spend a Chinese New Year really ūüėČ

For ‘dessert’, I brought two boxes of chocolate truffles made by my best friend-slash-wife, Lune. Did I ever mention that she’s a p√Ętissier? If you live in Bangkok, you can order them and many more decadent dessert here!


A close up of the darling chocolates

The strawberry ones (rose shape) have always been one of my favourites. And surprisingly, I really liked the nutty ones this time around too. The crunch of the almond in the pear-and-almond ones (the left column) and macadamia in the hazelnut-and-macadamia ones (the right column) were really lovely.

It was very lovely to see almost all of my cousins again and we had a chance to catch up with one another. I’m the eldest of the grandchildren though so I had to give out some Chinese New Year money… >.>

Anyway, we all went on our ways after 3pm and I came back home for a bit of rest before venturing out again for a dinner with uni friends.

At On The Table, Tokyo Cafe in Central World


Tofu with bolognese sauce

The meet up time was 5.30pm on the 6th floor of my favourite mall in BKK. One friend rang me at about 5pm, saying that she was already there but I still hadn’t made it to the sky train yet… I had to pop into one of the shops to buy ink cartridges for my printer first too so she said that she’ll walk around first.

I made it to the meeting point right on the dot and saw that there were 2 other friends already waiting for me. We decided to go to the restaurant and wait there instead. My 2 other friends were pretty very hungry whereas I just wanted tea because, for some odd reasons, my head was aching.


A pot of British Breakfast

I had my cup of tea this morning so the headache shouldn’t had happened but it did an this pot of tea definitely helped. The tofu in bolognese sauce was really nice as well and us 3 finished that in no time.


On The Table is a fushion of Japanese and Western food and here is one of their maki roll dishes. There were salmon in some sort of creamy sauce with avocado, crab sticks and tempura shrimp as well as some crunchy tempura batter. It all worked really well in this dish.


I finished my pot of tea in no time and by the time we were half way through the meal, I had to order another drink. This was strawberry and lime soda. Really nice and refreshing, though I would have liked a bit more lime coming through. I had to shuck down one paracetamol too because my head was still aching. That seemed to do the trick…

9 of us turned up all together for the night and it was so fantastic to see all of the familiar faces again.¬†Some I’ve seen every few months (and ironically, more often now that I’m not living in Bangkok and had to make an effort to schedule a meet up) while others I haven’t seen in a few years.

One of my friends brought his older sister with him. I didn’t know he has a sister, let alone one that went to the same uni as I did! It’s always great to meet new people and we all have the same common background: we are all Cambridge/Oxford (or Oxbridge) alumni.

Needless to say, our dinner went on for very long. With 9 people together, the conversations never stopped. I had to jump around from one conversation to the next, it was heady ;D We went in at about 5.30ish and didn’t get our bill till about 9pm. It was a wonder that they didn’t throw us out (especially considering how loud we got at some point…).

One of my friends wanted to go see 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi but it would have been too late for me and I secretly just want to spend more time talking to them. In the end, they did decided that it was a tad bit too late so we went out looking for dessert instead xD

After 2 failed attempts (one where the place was already closed even though there was still about an hour left of the mall’s opening time), we settled at Paul.

Because there were 9 of us, we decided to get quite a few desserts to share. I didn’t take the couch this time so I was one of the people that went out to look at the counter to choose our desserts.

The chocolate tart on the left is possibly my favourite, the chocolate was very rich and so soul satisfying. The strawberry tart looked fabulous but didn’t quite held on on the taste front…

The strawberry mille feuille¬†on the left was also another friend’s request but it didn’t¬†look quite as appetising as the others, did¬†it… Sadly, the taste was just ok too.

The one of the right, on the other hand, is the St Honoré which was another one of my choices. I really like the raspberry cream filling ones, the sharpness of the berry lifted the dish up. The caramel was quite chewy too, as you would have expected from caramel really xD

The chocolate cake on the left was described as ‘like brownies but with a more delicate texture’. I couldn’t tell the different really and I wasn’t the only one.

The raspberry eclair on the right was quite a hit with some.


I was too afraid that having more hot tea that late would mean that I wouldn’t be able to sleep so I ordered the rosemary lime ice tea instead. The combination is quite odd and I’m not sure if I’m a fan of rosemary drinks but it was new menu for me to try so I’m glad I got it ūüôā

Anyway, the staff had to ask us to leave because they were closing down for the night before any of us made a move xD A friend has kindly dropped me back home and we had quite a conversation between the 3 of us that another friend refused to get out of the car until the topic wrapped up xD (we dropped by her house first before coming around to mine).

I love my uni friends to bits. Many have¬†been with me through thicks and thins at¬†university. Some have seen me at my bests and my worsts, because that’s what Cambridge does to a lot of people.

They are the people who I don’t have to see regularly but we will just pick up our conversation as if we have never been apart. I am so, so grateful to have all of them in my life then and now ‚̧

And on that sappy note, I think I’ll sign off here for the night. Still have to get up early tomorrow morning to accompany my mum to drop my sister off at school. Thankfully, the weather has been very kind to us this week in Bangkok. It’s not too hot! Just the perfect temperature ūüėČ

Hope you guys are having a good week!

With love,

From BKK


PS – I’ve been having this terrible headache from Sunday and it’s finally ok now. Monday was horrendous. It didn’t matter what I did, whether I was napping or already had my cup of tea or just shucking¬†down water in case it was a sign of dehydration. Even the paracetamols didn’t help though I only took 1 at a time. Didn’t want to stretch to 2 every 4 hours since it was just tolerable…

I think it was a combination of exhaustion for a packed full weekend, not getting enough sleep and my body on the verge of being ill. Urgh. It got better on Tuesday but still there and better still today because I think my body has finally felt like it was getting enough sleep again. I’ve been waking up really early in the morning and not being able to go back to sleep since I’ve come home… D:

I still went down to do some exercise on the elliptical today and I think that might have helped too. No headache now (finally, thank goodness) and hopefully, it will remain this way from now on.

PPS – After watching one episode of London Spy¬†(here’s a trailer) on Monday night, I’ve binged (and skimmed slightly) watched the rest of the mini series (4 more eps) this morning. Oh. My. God. The feels of it all. Ben Whishaw is a marvel (I knew that already but this series reconfirms it) and the mini-series broke my heart many times over.

Such great performances from Ben and Jim Broadbent¬†and¬†Edward Holcroft, aka¬†Charlie Hesketh in Kingsman. And if you haven’t watched Kingsman, why on earth not? Because you should. You really should. It is one of my absolutely favourite films of all time.

Actually, y’know what, both London Spy and Kingsman probably deserve a blog post of their own each so I’ll stop now and actually go to bed as I’ve said I would 15 minutes ago.





  1. lunerissa · February 10, 2016

    Shouldn’t read ur blog at night = = it make me hungry


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