[Food+Films review] A fun day out

Good evening everyone,

It seems like I’m ignoring my name sake and is trying to post for 3 days straight! Well, it has been a very fun day today 🙂

It started with one of my absolute favourite dish for breakfast, khao man gai. It’s Thailand’s very own version of the Hainanese chicken rice. I forgot to take my mobile phone down with me to snap a picture so I’m afraid I don’t have any image to show off. However, I can definitely give a score.

Score: 7 (Yes, it is that good to me.)

For lunch, my family went out to eat with my mum’s friend and her husband. We went to a Western style BBQ restaurant that is very well known in Thailand called Sizzler at Central World. (Central World being one of the best shopping centres in Bangkok. Possibly my favourite too.)

I’ve ordered the BBQ Pork Boston (you’ll need to scroll down to see the pic so you can compare that to my picture).


Please ignore my finger at the bottom left… I didn’t actually see it until about 6 hours later… >.>

It actually looked quite similar to the picture in the menu and tasted delicious to me. The BBQ sauce is on the sweet side but I loved that and the peach was a fantastic addition. The pork shoulder was tender and full of flavour too.

I was very happy with this dish and felt like I might have found a new favourite dish for this restaurant. (I haven’t had a favourite dish at Sizzler before hence the high score.)

Score: 6 



Sizzler also provides you with a salad bar where you can eat as much as you like. I really love their cream mushroom soup ❤

Score: 5

(It’s not a 6 because I know it’s not the best for your health or weight…)


After lunch, I met up with my best-friend-slash-wife, Lune. (I just thought it’d be easier to give her a name xp)

I went with her to KFC where she had her lunch and then we went on a search for our usual, post-lunch dessert. We would have gone to ‘Bake a wish’, one of my favourite dessert places in Bangkok but my family and my mum’s friends were still there so may be next time….

We settled at Pancake Cafe because I wanted tea. (Had a bit of a headache which might have been from not having any tea at all since morning… I didn’t think my body would crave it this much during the holiday.)


So I ordered a whole pot of Dilma’s Darjeeling. It was loverly ❤

Score: 6


The tea also went very well with my pancake.


Pancake Cafe allows you to make your own pancake dish and I went with this particular combination today: a small, banana pancake, with peach, chocolate chips toppings and whipped butter.

I wasn’t sure before this arrived if going for chocolate chips was a good idea. It was after the first bite. Many of the chocolate chips were melting from the warm pancake and it went very well with the banana in it. The whipped butter and maple syrup was a classing combination and I just really like peaches ;D

Score: 6


After dessert, another friend came by to deliver goodies from Japan which I may rave about in later entries. We had a fun time chatting about Japan and their idols ;)))


And then, it was time for a film!


I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pay money to go see Pride and Prejudice and Zombie at first. Partly because I absolutely love the original book, Pride and Prejudice, and I did recoil (quite violently, internally) the first time I saw the Zombie AU fanfiction book of it.

Because it is a fanfiction. It’s just gotten published.

Lune was pretty keen on seeing the film though. She is also a fan of the original work like me. We still flail over Colin Firth’s Mr Darcy together. Lily James also looks quite good as Elizabeth Bennett (she looks much better than in Cinderella) and it has Matt Smith in it. I am a huge Doctor Who fan and Eleven is my Doctor. And it is, after all, a Pride and Prejudice work… so I thought I’d give it a go.

I am so glad we did.

The film was funny and entertaining and Mr Colonel Darcy in that leather coat. That. Freaking. Leather coat.

I didn’t really notice it until half way through the film may be, but when I finally did. I couldn’t stop. Man… And I realised towards the end too that the actor playing Colonel/Mr Darcy is Sam Riley or the Raven from Maleficent (Diaval). Man, I loved him as Diaval and I really do like him as a ruthless, Zombie-killing, Colonel Darcy.

He couldn’t quite compete with Colin Firth’s Darcy (no one can. Period.) but he is a pretty close second. The man’s voice though. I’m not sure if it’s his natural voice or he’s made it that raspy for this film. Must go back and watch Maleficent again to see.

Anyway, Matt Smith is hilarious in the film. (I see traces of Eleven in there.) And the adaptation to England full of zombie but with lines from the original work was oddly endearing. I kept wanting to squee when I recognised the lines from the original book.

And this film has made me curious about the Pride and Prejudice and Zombie book. I may actually give it a go…

Which leads to the score (because, yes, of course, I will from now on give an IB grade to all films I’ve seen).

Score: 6 (which is higher than I thought I would ever give it but it surprised me with strong female characters who can fight zombies, Matt Smith and Colonel Darcy in that leather coat. That. Freaking. Leather coat. Oh, and the katana too.)


And here is where Lune and I might have gone a bit crazy. Another close friend of ours couldn’t make it for dinner and Lune wanted to see The Danish Girl in the cinema and I’ve seen the trailer, Eddie Redmayne shouldn’t look that good as a girl, and Ben Whishaw is in part of it, so we thought, why not? Let’s go see another film!

Which was what we did. xD


We had about an hour between the two films which was nice since we needed a bit of time to re calibrate our brain from Pride and Prejudice and Zombie to The Danish Girl.

Eddie Redmayne has proven, once again, why he has won the Academy Awards for Best Leading Actor last year. I would give him another one this year too. I think this film should win several Oscars.

I don’t want to talk about it too much in fear of spoiling everyone. And yes, there is a bit less for me to flail about. Seeing Ben Whishaw in this was slightly disconcerting since the last time I saw him on the big screen was in Spectre as Q (who I absolutely love).

Score: 5


All in all, it has been a really fun and wonderful day. (It always is when I meet up with Lune ^^) I hope we can do it again very soon!

Lune’s kindly dropped me off at home and I am now ready to sleep. A tad bit hungry but I think it was the right idea to see a second film instead of having dinner. Will be out all day tomorrow so probably won’t be able to post an entry but may be Monday. We shall see.

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend!

With love,

From BKK



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