A Leap Day Post (or my thoughts about this year Oscars)

I thought of blogging earlier but wasn’t quite in the mood to do a food review post or some writing so I didn’t. And then I realised that it’s the 29th of February and that it only comes around once every 4 years, I should totally try to write a blog on this day. Hence this entry this late.

And possibly short, let’s see. I’m going to try a new format too for the sake of quickness because I want to sleep early so I can wake up early tomorrow.

1.) Talk about sleeping early, I went to bed at around 8.30pm last night. As in I fell asleep then. I was having a hard time keeping my eyes opened before 8pm. It was slightly insane. I think it was because I slept late on both Friday and Saturday night (since it was the weekend and all) so I was making up for it last night.

Well, it was glorious going to bed that early xD I also had my alarm set for 5.15am so I was early to school this morning. It was a pretty good start to the week.

2.) Sam Smith’s ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ just came up on my iTunes. I’m loving this song more and more. I wasn’t that impressed with it at first, when I first heard it as the opening credit of Spectre in the theatre. But that might be because I was looking for Ben Whishaw.

So I’ve only gotten around to listen to it properly when I watched The Graham Norton Show when Sam Smith went on with the Spectre’s cast and performed it live. Oh my goodness, that man has one hell of a voice.

The tune is haunting but beautiful, with the 007 touch. And the lyrics… it really makes me want to write things xD

Which brings us to the next point.

3.) Also, I’m so happy for Sam Smith and  Jimmy Napes for winning the Oscars for Best Original Song today! Woo!

Which leads us to the next (possible few) points.

4.) I’m so, so happy for Leonardo DiCaprio finally winning the  Academy Award for Best Actor. I really am because it has been a long time coming. And yet, after having seen The Danish Girl, I was so rooting for Eddie Redmayne as well.

Leo’s acceptance speech was beautiful though.

5.) So happy for Alicia Vikander for winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress from The Danish Girl! You go girl! Your epic performance in that film deserves this and more!

6.) I was so focused on the Oscars all throughout the morning today. Kept refreshing the pages to keep up with the results. So happy for ‘Inside Out’ but that was a no brainer at all.

And apparently Chris Rock’s opening monologue was a hit. Can’t find a full one to watch just yet but I am looking forward to that because I had no idea at all how funny he would be and so have no expectation to be disappointed. xD

7.) All of the excitement over the Oscars made me think of the last 2 years where I was able to watch the programme live… That was pretty fun. Especially 2014 one where Ellen DeGeneres was the host. The pizza episode and the selfie that broke the internet were EPIC. As well as Ellen dressed in  Glinda, the Good Witch of the North’s (I think) puffy, pink dress.

8.) And I’ve been looking through the Best and Worst dress on the red carpet too xD I’ve always been interested in that and see what other people think as the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ dress. There are quite a lot of times that I don’t quite agree with the verdicts, lol.

9.) I actually went back to add a little bit more to the title as this post has turned out to be a recapped of my first reaction to the 88th Academy Awards. I’ll probably has more to say once I’ve seen the whole show.

And I’m afraid that I will have to cut this here. It’s already 9.40pm, damn my inability to keep blogging quick. Won’t be getting up early like today then…

Hope you all had a good Monday and that you all will have a great week!

With love,

From GZ


PS – My internet (vpn rather) has been shitty all evening, should have known to turn it off and on again to solve the problem…

PPS – And the connection went a bit wonky again just now that I tried to post it. Thankfully, it went through or else the last PS would’ve been one of those famous last words, lol.


A classic

Vanessa comes back home in a sour mood. The day has been crap from the beginning through to the end. She has spent most of her day formatting documents and she did not slave away for a Masters degree to become a menial editor.

She has also just realised today that someone must have been taking her tea bags from the break room and that her stock of chocolate has run out.

And no, the shit day has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she has heard nothing from Darren since last night. Granted that his social network has been quiet too (no, she isn’t stalking him) but that isn’t too unusual from Darren. And he’s only been inactive online for less than 24 hours.

‘Well, he can bloody do whatever he likes. He’s a grown man after all as he’s kindly reminded me last night.’ Vanessa thought to herself sarcastically and purses her lips as she throws her coat over the couch. It’s not exactly warm enough yet in London but she is making a beeline to turn the heating on.

She is not in the mood to sit and shiver in her own home today. Her bank account can manage her spoiling herself for one night. Not that she can afford this town house with her paycheck alone, but she has always been her uncle’s favourite niece. He wouldn’t take no for an answer when he was moving to Japan with his partner.

It is a bit too big for just herself, may be she should seriously consider renting parts of it out on Airbnb or something.

The sound of the kettle starting to boil calms her mood down somewhat and the whirlwind of annoyance dampens down into just a gloomy overcast, like the weather outside. Vanessa picks the threads on her sweater as she waits for the kettle to go off.

She knows that she wasn’t entirely right in the fight last night either. She can’t, for the life of her, remember how it all started now but they both have never been good with words or expressing their feelings.

One scathing comment led to another, and it ended up with Darren leaving with the door slamming. Vanessa was left fuming too and was on the phone in less than a minute after.

“It’s bloody un-fucking-believable Risa. Who the hell does he think he is, talking to me like that?!” She ranted to her best friend who has just moved to France last October to work in a graphic design firm. 

It’s tough not being able to hop on the tube to go see her friend whenever, especially when Vanessa would very much like to have some company and may be a bottle or three of wine. At least there is a direct train to Paris from London and there is only one hour time difference. (If it wasn’t because she still has work tomorrow, she would be on that Eurostar right now.)

“He’s Darren, he’s never afraid to speak his mind to you, even when you were just friends. That’s what drew you to him in the first place.” The voice Vanessa’s has known for half of her life replies back through the receiver. Risa didn’t sound too fazed by her story and may be she knows Vanessa well enough to know how short her fuse can be. Darren also seems to have the ability to get under her skin like no other person.

“He also know how important this job is to me. I know it’s not much and, God, it feels like I haven’t read any well-written report recently, but he’s fucking belittled my job!” 

“No he didn’t. Or at least that’s not what he meant. He just doens’t want you to be stuck in a job that makes you unhappy. I don’t either but I know how whiny you can just be, complaining over just about anything.” Risa ignored her cries of indignation and just carries on. “And fucking stubborn at times too. So I’ll just let your boyfriend do all the talking and leave the job of sending you chocolate to moi.” 

Risa said the last sentence in an exaggerated French accent and Vanessa couldn’t help but laughed. It cracks her up every time Risa does any kind of accent because it’s so bad that it’s good

“There you go.” Vanessa could hear how pleased Risa was with herself at being able to make her laugh. “So just calm down, go make yourself another cup of tea. Or actually, warm milk or something and go to bed Vanni. It’ll be all right tomorrow.” Trusting Risa, like she always does, Vanessa did what Risa told her.  

“It’s already tomorrow Risa. Everything’s still not all right.” Vanessa mumbles to herself as she pours a bit of milk in her tea and actually contemplates putting sugar in her hot drink too. Her mood is definitely more dismal than what she wants to acknowledge.

Dinner is a quiet affair. She has the telly on but nothing really gets through to her as she checks her Twitter for the millionth time for any activity from Darren.

They aren’t the most romantic couple in the world, Darren and her, but communicating with him just came so easy, even when they weren’t dating yet. They don’t really talk much or see each other everyday but it is rare that they don’t send each other any text throughout the day. Sometimes it’s a link to a cute picture or a funny joke. Or just a random line, here and there.

She finds herself half way through writing a message a few times today to him and a part of her wonder if he catches himself doing that too. That definitely did not help with the sour mood.

‘May be I should just woman up and apologise first. God, I do miss him, it’s insane.’ She sighed heavily to herself as she stands up to clear the dish away.

She has to stop half way through washing the plate because the doorbell rings. She frowns as she washes her hand quickly. It too late to have a surprise visitor and her heartbeat picks up when she thinks (hopes) who it may be.

The image from the peephole sends her heart pounding but also makes her unlock the door quickly too.

“Hi,” Darren greets her, he sounds a bit unsure but Vanessa doesn’t really trust her judgement at the moment.

“Hello,” Now that Darren is here, she doesn’t know what to say.

“I just. Well,” he clears his throat and a part of her finds his not-eloquence absolutely adorable. “I just wanted to say that I am sorry about last night Vanessa.”

And then, a bouquet of yellow and orange appears in front of her.

‘He must have hidden it behind him.’ A part of her mind supply but the majority of her thoughts focus on the flowers in front of her. They are Gerbera and Chrysanthemum, neither her preferred flowers but her heart still swells at the thought of him buying them to apologise to her.

“You brought these from Tesco.” Trusts her mouth to get away from her.

He actually looked a bit embarrassed at that, “Nowhere else is opened that sells flowers at this time.”

She can’t stop a smile from blooming at the picture and she can see him relaxes.

“I’m sorry Vanessa, I know how much effort you put into your job. I shouldn’t have hurt your feelings like that.”

“I wasn’t nice either, I’m sorry about all of my comments. I’m your girlfriend, not your mother-”

“You were right though, you hit a mark. I was scared too. Still am now, because I want this, us, to work out so damn much.” Her breath hitches with his honesty and the intensity of his look even though she can see that his cheeks are coloured. She’s sure that she is flushing too but the smile is getting bigger.

“I want us to work out too.” She admits quietly and he finally breaks into a small smile.

Darren steps closer and she tilts her face up to meet him half way for a gentle kiss. The relief that crashes down through her makes her feels so giddy that she just want to giggle.

“We are a pair, aren’t we?” He asks her with a grin and she does giggle out loud.

“I was so pissed at you all day too Darren. Risa had an earful last night after you left.”

“I bet. Though I hope that I haven’t ended up on her bad book.”

“No, she knows how I can be a drama queen too so she just told me to wait it out and sent me to bed. Oh, and that she will send me chocolate.” Darren does laugh at that and Vanessa soaks in it.

“I’ll remember to buy that along with the flowers next time then.”

A particular strong wind blows by which reminds her that she only has a jacket to protect her from the cold.

“Come in Darren. I’m sorry we had to do that in the front porch. I bet we gave the neighbour a bit of a show.” Vanessa steps back into the warmth, inviting Darren into her home.

“If their lives are boring enough that they have to spy on their neighbours, then I think we can afford to put on a show for them. Though this is turning to be quite a classic Rom-Com scene, isn’t it?”

“Only if you give me another kiss.”

And he does.




A/N: I wanted to write something more lighthearted than what I wrote in my previous post. And this is a bit more up my usual alley (I’ve been dabbling in writing for quite a long time now, it’s pretty liberating).

I find it difficult to write original work though especially with building the characters. Just choosing their names took some time. I had to ask Lune for suggestions while giving her the starting letter to the name. But not Risa though. That, I came up with the name myself.

And there may be more of Vanessa and Darren! Now that I’ve come up with their names, I kind of have their characters down as well. Now, it’s just a case of getting down the writing…. ^^”

The visitors

She hates it when they come. No good things have ever resulted from any of their visits but they insist on cropping up now and again.

If they are there in the morning, she hopes they will go away by lunch time. Those are not good days.

Sometimes one of them will nag and fuss. The criticisms drip through every other sentence, feeding the ball of insecurity. Other times, they will all sit in silent, eating her food and drinking her coffee. Their stares enough to tell her of their apathy. Their touches, cling to her heavy bones.

She loses focus no matter what and time ticks by without waiting.

She isn’t sure which she hates more.

The weather in London seems to always coincide with their visits too, grim and gray. She loves the buzzling city, she really does. It’s why she can’t move away, even when things get tough. But it’s hard to remember that when the things you love lose their vibrant colours.

They don’t normally stay too long, but one visit can cloud over the rest of her week. The worst thing is, she is always left feeling empty afterwards. No matter how many spoonful of sugar can help ease the hollowness.

Sometimes it would rain, when they visit. The sounds of cold droplets make her want nothing more but to crawl under a blanket and never face the world again.

She hopes they won’t come back anytime soon.




A/N: I came home on Wednesday feeling crap (probably because it was my diet day among other things) and this story was floating around in my head. So I gave it a go. Hope it wasn’t too confusing!

[Food and film review] This time last week

Time sure flies by when you are having fun. Before you know it, you’re back in the cold and working again :p

I’ve been back in GZ since Saturday and the weather has been getting colder and colder. I’ve found myself buried under work as well so haven’t gotten around to blogging until tonight.

I seem to like blogging on Wednesday, but that’s probably because it’s the day I don’t want to do anything the most xD I’m usually on a strict diet on Wednesday (unless I’m on a holiday) where I’ll only eat 500 calories. It’s the 5:2 diet and my diet/fast day is Sunday and Wednesday.

Anyway, about this time last week. I think that if I split the post up I may never catch up so I’ll combine last Wednesday and Thursday together so please bear with me.


Last Wednesday

I went out for lunch with a school friend, we had some classes together back in 8th grade. We reconnected a few years ago and have been going out for meals together every couple of months for the past year. We also met up in Japan during my April 2015 trip where we went to Universal Studio Japan, Tokyo DisneyLAND and DisneySEA together with my cousin. It was really fun.

I, of course, hadn’t had enough Japanese food yet so we went to a Japanese restaurant called Honmono Sushi at Central Chidlom. I’ve been there once before and it’s pretty well known in BKK. A bit on the pricey side but I think their lunch sets are a great deal considering how good the food is.

They are known for their sushi and rolls, we ordered this ‘Crunchy Rolls‘ to share.


The fillings were pretty standard: prawn, cucumber, seaweed, covered with shrimp roes. However, it was the tempura battered that gave this dish something different from others. There was a slightly sweet sauce, quite like the one you get with the tonkatsu (pork cutlet) which went really well with the rolls.

Score: 5


I was still feeling like I was fighting off a cold so I opted for something soup-based instead. This was a pork-sukiyaki set (a Japanese hot pot). It was good. Also came with a Japanese steamed egg side dish (or chawanmushi).


There was also a piece of melon to accompany it as dessert that came with the lunch set.


It was cold, sweet and juicy. Very refreshing.

Overall score for the whole lunch set: 6


After lunch, we went to Pinkberry for some frozen yoghurt dessert xD It’s at the connected part between Central Chidlom and Central Embassy.

I saw a sign which says that they have a new flavour out for Valentine’s month, Sea Salt Chocolate. Me, being a chocoholic, had to try it out of course and it was actually pretty nice. So I ordered that flavour.


I had lychee bubbles and granola as topping. I really like the lychee bubbles. I’m not so much as a huge fan of frozen yoghurt but I’d definitely go back to Pinkberry again because I like their bubbles toppings very much xD

Score: 5

I had a great time catching with my friend on Wednesday, went home full but still went down to exercise on the elliptical too 😉


Last Thursday


Sunrise from last Thursday at 6.36am.

I was grumbling to myself today how this time last week, I was gearing up to go see Deadpool. That’s right ladies and gents, I went to the cinema on the day the film was released in Bangkok. It was pretty much the reason why I was adamant to go out on Thursday.

Luckily, Lune (my best friend-slash-wife) was free too so she came with me. We went to Siam Paragon instead because Lune didn’t want to park at Central World (she’s more familiar with Paragon). After buying the tickets, we went down to have lunch.

It was my request to go to a tonkatsu place because I haven’t had my dose of the pork cutlet yet. So we went to Maisen, which is on the ground floor in Paragon.

I’ve tried Maisen in Bangkok (I think) a few years ago and was very impressed by their dish and the apple sauce. I then went on to try their place in Tokyo and was very much hooked. It has now become one of the places I absolutely must visit every time I find myself in Tokyo. The one in Bangkok isn’t as good as in Tokyo, but I can cope 😉


The cabbage was served first, it is kind of like a starter for tonkatsu restaurant. I really like it with the Japanese sesame and vinaigrette dressings. They also refill it for free too!

And here was the star of the show:


I ordered the kurobuta set because that’s the one that comes with the apple sauce.

The pork was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The sauce went really well with the pork, as did the rest of the dish including the pickled vegetable which was the side dish. I also very much like the fact that the miso soup can be refilled without charge. (The rice too but I normally just had one bowl. It’s the miso soup that I love.)

There was a scoop of green tea ice-cream (or almond pudding) that came with the set too.


Overall, I was very happy with my lunch, not to mention that the company was fab too. ^w^

Score: 6


We had about 15 minutes to kill between lunch and the film, so I went on to try my two new dresses that I bought from online and had them delivered to Lune’s place. I could fit into only one of them which made me even more resolved to stick to my 5:2 diet plan!

Anyway, it’s movie time! *-*


I think this cinema is slightly more expensive than the normal ones. The ticket price was 310 bahts per ticket I think. But I couldn’t/can’t bring myself to care because I just wanted to see Deadpool in the cinema so badly.

And man, I was not disappointed. From the opening credit right through to the end, I was so thoroughly entertained. Lune and I laughed so much and waited until they turned the lights back on before we left the cinema. It was hilarious and pretty offensive. Just like Deadpool.

I won’t say much more because I don’t want to spoil anybody so I’ll just give my score instead.

Score: 6


After the film, we went for some dessert (because how could we not ;p) and it was my request once again. I think I’ve mentioned in this post that I wanted to go to Bake a wish but we changed to go to have pancakes instead. Well, I had my chance last Thursday.

Bake a wish is a Japanese-styled, Western dessert place. Confused yet? xD Bake a wish is really known for their choux cream (and they really are great) but I was feeling like chocolate cake that day.


This was called Chicago and it’d be quite hard pressed to get any more chocolatey than this xD This might have been a new menu for Valentine’s season too, I’m not so sure but I’d never had it before.

The chocolate macaroon was good as well as the chocolate ganache. The inside was a chocolate mousse with layers of chocolate cake too. It wasn’t too sweet but I needed my pot of tea to finish this whole piece.

Score: 5



My pot of Darjeeling 🙂 It wouldn’t be complete without tea! xD

Score: 5 


A friend of Lune also came to join us briefly because she was happened to be there to some shopping. Her little boy was with her too, he is just over 2 years. After the initial weariness (from his side), he opened up to us and I had a fun time playing with him. He was adorable.

The day, overall, is a 7 though. A day out with Lune is always fantastic. ❤

And that wraps it up for last week. I still have my trip back to GZ to write about where I got upgraded to Business Class xD But that’s a story for another day.


Ah, my laptop is running out of battery and it’s nearly 9pm now! I think it’s time for me to go to sleep xD (My alarm is set to go off before 5.30am. I think I can go to sleep at 9pm :p)

Hope you are having a good week so far, and do keep warm if the weather where you are is cold!

With love,

From GZ


PS – the internet connection isn’t good tonight 😦

Less of a review, more of a recollection of how I’ve spent my Sunday

I’m slightly behind on my blog post (there’s another waiting to be written up about today and I’m going out tomorrow too…). However, better late than never right?

It was Chinese New Year’s Eve on Sunday so my mum’s side of the family took the opportunity to have a reunion of a sort. For once, the day landed during the weekend so most of the family members were free. We went to my maternal grandmother’s house first before making our way to my great uncle’s house for lunch.

These are just some of the orchids from my great aunt-in-law’s garden. They were all gorgeous and delicate looking. Can you spot the one that looked like a birdie?


It is always a treat whenever we have these lunches at my great uncle’s place. My great uncle is a fantastic cook and I love his food to bits. I think the dishes were a typical Chinese-Thai fusion, with chicken, duck, pork, fish and, thankfully, vegs.


Needless to say, I literally stuffed myself until I could no longer fit one more bite in. It’s the best way to spend a Chinese New Year really 😉

For ‘dessert’, I brought two boxes of chocolate truffles made by my best friend-slash-wife, Lune. Did I ever mention that she’s a pâtissier? If you live in Bangkok, you can order them and many more decadent dessert here!


A close up of the darling chocolates

The strawberry ones (rose shape) have always been one of my favourites. And surprisingly, I really liked the nutty ones this time around too. The crunch of the almond in the pear-and-almond ones (the left column) and macadamia in the hazelnut-and-macadamia ones (the right column) were really lovely.

It was very lovely to see almost all of my cousins again and we had a chance to catch up with one another. I’m the eldest of the grandchildren though so I had to give out some Chinese New Year money… >.>

Anyway, we all went on our ways after 3pm and I came back home for a bit of rest before venturing out again for a dinner with uni friends.

At On The Table, Tokyo Cafe in Central World


Tofu with bolognese sauce

The meet up time was 5.30pm on the 6th floor of my favourite mall in BKK. One friend rang me at about 5pm, saying that she was already there but I still hadn’t made it to the sky train yet… I had to pop into one of the shops to buy ink cartridges for my printer first too so she said that she’ll walk around first.

I made it to the meeting point right on the dot and saw that there were 2 other friends already waiting for me. We decided to go to the restaurant and wait there instead. My 2 other friends were pretty very hungry whereas I just wanted tea because, for some odd reasons, my head was aching.


A pot of British Breakfast

I had my cup of tea this morning so the headache shouldn’t had happened but it did an this pot of tea definitely helped. The tofu in bolognese sauce was really nice as well and us 3 finished that in no time.


On The Table is a fushion of Japanese and Western food and here is one of their maki roll dishes. There were salmon in some sort of creamy sauce with avocado, crab sticks and tempura shrimp as well as some crunchy tempura batter. It all worked really well in this dish.


I finished my pot of tea in no time and by the time we were half way through the meal, I had to order another drink. This was strawberry and lime soda. Really nice and refreshing, though I would have liked a bit more lime coming through. I had to shuck down one paracetamol too because my head was still aching. That seemed to do the trick…

9 of us turned up all together for the night and it was so fantastic to see all of the familiar faces again. Some I’ve seen every few months (and ironically, more often now that I’m not living in Bangkok and had to make an effort to schedule a meet up) while others I haven’t seen in a few years.

One of my friends brought his older sister with him. I didn’t know he has a sister, let alone one that went to the same uni as I did! It’s always great to meet new people and we all have the same common background: we are all Cambridge/Oxford (or Oxbridge) alumni.

Needless to say, our dinner went on for very long. With 9 people together, the conversations never stopped. I had to jump around from one conversation to the next, it was heady ;D We went in at about 5.30ish and didn’t get our bill till about 9pm. It was a wonder that they didn’t throw us out (especially considering how loud we got at some point…).

One of my friends wanted to go see 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi but it would have been too late for me and I secretly just want to spend more time talking to them. In the end, they did decided that it was a tad bit too late so we went out looking for dessert instead xD

After 2 failed attempts (one where the place was already closed even though there was still about an hour left of the mall’s opening time), we settled at Paul.

Because there were 9 of us, we decided to get quite a few desserts to share. I didn’t take the couch this time so I was one of the people that went out to look at the counter to choose our desserts.

The chocolate tart on the left is possibly my favourite, the chocolate was very rich and so soul satisfying. The strawberry tart looked fabulous but didn’t quite held on on the taste front…

The strawberry mille feuille on the left was also another friend’s request but it didn’t look quite as appetising as the others, did it… Sadly, the taste was just ok too.

The one of the right, on the other hand, is the St Honoré which was another one of my choices. I really like the raspberry cream filling ones, the sharpness of the berry lifted the dish up. The caramel was quite chewy too, as you would have expected from caramel really xD

The chocolate cake on the left was described as ‘like brownies but with a more delicate texture’. I couldn’t tell the different really and I wasn’t the only one.

The raspberry eclair on the right was quite a hit with some.


I was too afraid that having more hot tea that late would mean that I wouldn’t be able to sleep so I ordered the rosemary lime ice tea instead. The combination is quite odd and I’m not sure if I’m a fan of rosemary drinks but it was new menu for me to try so I’m glad I got it 🙂

Anyway, the staff had to ask us to leave because they were closing down for the night before any of us made a move xD A friend has kindly dropped me back home and we had quite a conversation between the 3 of us that another friend refused to get out of the car until the topic wrapped up xD (we dropped by her house first before coming around to mine).

I love my uni friends to bits. Many have been with me through thicks and thins at university. Some have seen me at my bests and my worsts, because that’s what Cambridge does to a lot of people.

They are the people who I don’t have to see regularly but we will just pick up our conversation as if we have never been apart. I am so, so grateful to have all of them in my life then and now ❤

And on that sappy note, I think I’ll sign off here for the night. Still have to get up early tomorrow morning to accompany my mum to drop my sister off at school. Thankfully, the weather has been very kind to us this week in Bangkok. It’s not too hot! Just the perfect temperature 😉

Hope you guys are having a good week!

With love,

From BKK


PS – I’ve been having this terrible headache from Sunday and it’s finally ok now. Monday was horrendous. It didn’t matter what I did, whether I was napping or already had my cup of tea or just shucking down water in case it was a sign of dehydration. Even the paracetamols didn’t help though I only took 1 at a time. Didn’t want to stretch to 2 every 4 hours since it was just tolerable…

I think it was a combination of exhaustion for a packed full weekend, not getting enough sleep and my body on the verge of being ill. Urgh. It got better on Tuesday but still there and better still today because I think my body has finally felt like it was getting enough sleep again. I’ve been waking up really early in the morning and not being able to go back to sleep since I’ve come home… D:

I still went down to do some exercise on the elliptical today and I think that might have helped too. No headache now (finally, thank goodness) and hopefully, it will remain this way from now on.

PPS – After watching one episode of London Spy (here’s a trailer) on Monday night, I’ve binged (and skimmed slightly) watched the rest of the mini series (4 more eps) this morning. Oh. My. God. The feels of it all. Ben Whishaw is a marvel (I knew that already but this series reconfirms it) and the mini-series broke my heart many times over.

Such great performances from Ben and Jim Broadbent and Edward Holcroft, aka Charlie Hesketh in Kingsman. And if you haven’t watched Kingsman, why on earth not? Because you should. You really should. It is one of my absolutely favourite films of all time.

Actually, y’know what, both London Spy and Kingsman probably deserve a blog post of their own each so I’ll stop now and actually go to bed as I’ve said I would 15 minutes ago.



[Food+Films review] A fun day out

Good evening everyone,

It seems like I’m ignoring my name sake and is trying to post for 3 days straight! Well, it has been a very fun day today 🙂

It started with one of my absolute favourite dish for breakfast, khao man gai. It’s Thailand’s very own version of the Hainanese chicken rice. I forgot to take my mobile phone down with me to snap a picture so I’m afraid I don’t have any image to show off. However, I can definitely give a score.

Score: 7 (Yes, it is that good to me.)

For lunch, my family went out to eat with my mum’s friend and her husband. We went to a Western style BBQ restaurant that is very well known in Thailand called Sizzler at Central World. (Central World being one of the best shopping centres in Bangkok. Possibly my favourite too.)

I’ve ordered the BBQ Pork Boston (you’ll need to scroll down to see the pic so you can compare that to my picture).


Please ignore my finger at the bottom left… I didn’t actually see it until about 6 hours later… >.>

It actually looked quite similar to the picture in the menu and tasted delicious to me. The BBQ sauce is on the sweet side but I loved that and the peach was a fantastic addition. The pork shoulder was tender and full of flavour too.

I was very happy with this dish and felt like I might have found a new favourite dish for this restaurant. (I haven’t had a favourite dish at Sizzler before hence the high score.)

Score: 6 



Sizzler also provides you with a salad bar where you can eat as much as you like. I really love their cream mushroom soup ❤

Score: 5

(It’s not a 6 because I know it’s not the best for your health or weight…)


After lunch, I met up with my best-friend-slash-wife, Lune. (I just thought it’d be easier to give her a name xp)

I went with her to KFC where she had her lunch and then we went on a search for our usual, post-lunch dessert. We would have gone to ‘Bake a wish’, one of my favourite dessert places in Bangkok but my family and my mum’s friends were still there so may be next time….

We settled at Pancake Cafe because I wanted tea. (Had a bit of a headache which might have been from not having any tea at all since morning… I didn’t think my body would crave it this much during the holiday.)


So I ordered a whole pot of Dilma’s Darjeeling. It was loverly ❤

Score: 6


The tea also went very well with my pancake.


Pancake Cafe allows you to make your own pancake dish and I went with this particular combination today: a small, banana pancake, with peach, chocolate chips toppings and whipped butter.

I wasn’t sure before this arrived if going for chocolate chips was a good idea. It was after the first bite. Many of the chocolate chips were melting from the warm pancake and it went very well with the banana in it. The whipped butter and maple syrup was a classing combination and I just really like peaches ;D

Score: 6


After dessert, another friend came by to deliver goodies from Japan which I may rave about in later entries. We had a fun time chatting about Japan and their idols ;)))


And then, it was time for a film!


I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pay money to go see Pride and Prejudice and Zombie at first. Partly because I absolutely love the original book, Pride and Prejudice, and I did recoil (quite violently, internally) the first time I saw the Zombie AU fanfiction book of it.

Because it is a fanfiction. It’s just gotten published.

Lune was pretty keen on seeing the film though. She is also a fan of the original work like me. We still flail over Colin Firth’s Mr Darcy together. Lily James also looks quite good as Elizabeth Bennett (she looks much better than in Cinderella) and it has Matt Smith in it. I am a huge Doctor Who fan and Eleven is my Doctor. And it is, after all, a Pride and Prejudice work… so I thought I’d give it a go.

I am so glad we did.

The film was funny and entertaining and Mr Colonel Darcy in that leather coat. That. Freaking. Leather coat.

I didn’t really notice it until half way through the film may be, but when I finally did. I couldn’t stop. Man… And I realised towards the end too that the actor playing Colonel/Mr Darcy is Sam Riley or the Raven from Maleficent (Diaval). Man, I loved him as Diaval and I really do like him as a ruthless, Zombie-killing, Colonel Darcy.

He couldn’t quite compete with Colin Firth’s Darcy (no one can. Period.) but he is a pretty close second. The man’s voice though. I’m not sure if it’s his natural voice or he’s made it that raspy for this film. Must go back and watch Maleficent again to see.

Anyway, Matt Smith is hilarious in the film. (I see traces of Eleven in there.) And the adaptation to England full of zombie but with lines from the original work was oddly endearing. I kept wanting to squee when I recognised the lines from the original book.

And this film has made me curious about the Pride and Prejudice and Zombie book. I may actually give it a go…

Which leads to the score (because, yes, of course, I will from now on give an IB grade to all films I’ve seen).

Score: 6 (which is higher than I thought I would ever give it but it surprised me with strong female characters who can fight zombies, Matt Smith and Colonel Darcy in that leather coat. That. Freaking. Leather coat. Oh, and the katana too.)


And here is where Lune and I might have gone a bit crazy. Another close friend of ours couldn’t make it for dinner and Lune wanted to see The Danish Girl in the cinema and I’ve seen the trailer, Eddie Redmayne shouldn’t look that good as a girl, and Ben Whishaw is in part of it, so we thought, why not? Let’s go see another film!

Which was what we did. xD


We had about an hour between the two films which was nice since we needed a bit of time to re calibrate our brain from Pride and Prejudice and Zombie to The Danish Girl.

Eddie Redmayne has proven, once again, why he has won the Academy Awards for Best Leading Actor last year. I would give him another one this year too. I think this film should win several Oscars.

I don’t want to talk about it too much in fear of spoiling everyone. And yes, there is a bit less for me to flail about. Seeing Ben Whishaw in this was slightly disconcerting since the last time I saw him on the big screen was in Spectre as Q (who I absolutely love).

Score: 5


All in all, it has been a really fun and wonderful day. (It always is when I meet up with Lune ^^) I hope we can do it again very soon!

Lune’s kindly dropped me off at home and I am now ready to sleep. A tad bit hungry but I think it was the right idea to see a second film instead of having dinner. Will be out all day tomorrow so probably won’t be able to post an entry but may be Monday. We shall see.

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend!

With love,

From BKK


Detox time


At 6.51 this morning. 

It’s not often that I get to see the beautiful colours of sunrise. I either get up and get to work too early, it’s too cloudy in GZ or I’m awake after the sun has risen.

This morning seems to be a rare treat of mine. It’s not that I like getting up early to catch the first ray during the holiday. But once I am up, I can appreciate the beauty.

And it’s not that often we get to see the sky so blue like this in Bangkok either.

Being back at home also means that I have no mobile internet (yet). It’s oddly liberating considering how addicted I am to the internet. It’s quite strange this time around that I actually welcome the lack of wireless connection as I venture out into Bangkok.

It won’t last long, I’ll top up my Thai number tomorrow and will be back online more often than not again but for today, my mobile phone mostly stayed in my bag.

It’s my detox time.

I’ve also decided not to do any work while I am back at home. I haven’t felt this free or relaxed in quite some times. Last holiday, I’ve brought work home with me and it didn’t really see much outside my laptop bag. This time around, I didn’t even bother and I think it’s just what I needed.

I don’t normally get much work done at home anyway so not having to actually think about doing it is quite wonderful. I’m here to recharge my battery for Semester 2.

The heat is also very welcomed after the freezing month in GZ. I don’t feel like I’d freeze after a shower (even with 2 heaters on), thank goodness.

It’s been a very relaxing Friday and I am so geared up for a packed-full weekend of meeting ups. And pigging out. Will take lots of photos for the blog 😉

Have a lovely weekend!

With love,

From BKK


PS – This is quite disconcerting. ‘Yes, Bayer Promoted Heroin for Children — Here Are The Ads That Prove It‘ Also, if you’re interested in how heroin affects your body and brain: What Makes Heroin So Deadly?


Acharasobhit – อัจฉราโสภิต

Good evening from Bangkok!

It’s the first day of the Chinese New Year holiday, as well as being the End of Semester 1 break. It has been one hell of a long semester, and I am so glad to have survived it.

We went out to dinner last night as per usual, though Kathy couldn’t make it sadly. That’s another review entry waiting to be written as we went to Ricci Creative Eats.

Needless to say, I pigged out last night and ended up feeling quite sick afterwards. I didn’t even think that I ate more than usual but it might’ve been a combination of exhaustion as well as eating just a tad bit too much that made me so nauseous afterwards.

I didn’t even have an appetite this morning but forced myself to eat something because 1.) I need to get rid of the left over and 2.) I won’t have my lunch till about 3pm on the plane.

My stomach is rumbling slightly which tells me that I have recovered from the pigging out and can therefore go at it again now that I am back at home. xD

Yes, I flew out of the cold GZ this afternoon to the lovely heat of Bangkok. The flight was delayed to about 3.30pm by the time we could take off. I didn’t even pack until this morning… But then again, I didn’t have much to bring back either. The luggage is for taking things back to GZ 😉

I got up at about 9am this morning (God bless lie ins) and just faffed about until 11 something. I also did about 3 rounds about the flat to make sure that everything is unplugged/turned off before I could leave…. ^^”

The journey to the airport was very smooth, the subway wasn’t crowded and I was quite pleased with my progressed on the first leg of the journey.

Until I saw the queue at the check-in counters that is.

I’ve never seen a queue that long at Baiyun Airport before for my flight and might have panicked a little. I had to stand outside the queueing area, waiting as the queue slowly moved forward. The first 10 minutes was the worst. I thought I’d be spending hours queueing up here. Thankfully, the queue gradually moved faster and faster and I was out of there before 1pm.

I then bumped into a colleague before walking into the security check. Turns out that he was catching another flight around the same time and his gate is right next to mine.

Fortunately, the security check and immigration didn’t take long at all. I was actually a bit surprised at how quickly it was, possibly the fastest it’s ever been for me so far. And I was sitting, reading by the gate by about 1.20pm.

The colleague I bumped into earlier came and we sat and chat to pass the time and another colleague turned up. All of our gates were in that area.

I finally boarded the plane at about 2.20pm and found out that the seat I’d booked for was the middle seat. That, wasn’t nice. When I first saw the seat number on my e-ticket, 32B, I thought that the seats arrangement is probably a 2-4-2.

Because I’ve booked the flight myself and I always choose the aisle seat. So imagine my shock when I walked in to see a seating arrangement of 3-3-3 instead.

Though, it could’ve been worse. My two neighbours were all right so I didn’t feel so uncomfortable being stuck in the middle. Had a bit of a panic when my mobile slipped down the crack of the seat and I couldn’t find it too.

It was one of those moments where one minute the phone was in your hand, and it was gone in another. Weird and disconcerting.

Anyway, Dr No with Sean Connery’s 007 kept me company for most of the flight. I’ve always wanted to go back and watch all of Sean Connery’s James Bond (he is my favourite Bond) so this was quite a treat. I actually started watching it even before we took off ;D

The meal was great too, rice with panang (another type of red curry) pork was delicious.

My flight was a Boeing 777-300 and the planed was named ‘Acharasobhit’, which I think means a beautiful angel.

(‘Achara’ (อัจฉรา) means angel and I’m assuming that ‘sobhit’ is another form of ‘sobha’, which means beautiful.

I thought that the name is great to the ears even before I knew the meaning and thought that it would make a perfect title for a blog entry.)

This is also the first time I’ve paid attention to the name of the Thai Airways airplanes. I think I was aware before at the back of my mind that they are all named but I’ve never really paid attention to it. The only reason why I know the name of my plane this time is because we didn’t land next to the building and had to take the shuttle bus instead. And that was when I saw the name.

I prefer to walk through the tunnel to get into the building straightaway but this time, standing on the shuttle bus allowed me a glimpse of the sun setting.


It was quite pretty…

My dad picked me up from the airport and as he drove us back into the city, the sun was a big, bright orange ball, painting the sky with its alluring colours.


Once I was back at home, there was a ripen mango waiting for me.


This is a ‘tong-dam’ variety. ‘Tong’ (ทอง) means gold, while ‘dam’ or ‘dum’ (ดำ) means black. So I suppose I can call it ‘black gold mango’… The flesh is more of a orange colour, the texture is quite firm and there is always a distinct smell and aftertaste that is very hard to put into words that I absolutely love ever since I was young.

It is also usually only available for up to at most a month every year so every time I have it is such a treat.

I have the best mum in the world really.

And that is pretty much it for today. I am grateful for a 3 hours flight rather than 12, and a 1 hour time difference rather than 6 or 7.

It’s a good start to the holiday.

Hope you are having a great week so far, it’s Friday tomorrow!

With love,

From BKK