[Food Review] Birthday dinner at Paulaner Brauhaus

I’m starting to fall back on my procrastination tendency so this entry is a few days late…

My mantra, however, is that it’s better late than never.

(It’s always a wonder when I get anything done without a deadline looming.)

Anyway, for our latest Friday night’s partay, we decided to go to Paulaner Brauhaus at Taikoo-Hui (yes, there again).

I went with a group of friends but it was my and Princess Kathleen‘s first time. We were both impressed by the food.

Before we get into the knitty-gritty part of the review, here’s a reminder to how our ‘grading’ system works.

1: Very Poor
2: Poor
3: Mediocre
4: Satisfactory
5: Good
6: Very Good
7: Excellent

Cue pictures and individual grades.


This pork knuckle was the star of the night for me. The meat was juicy and flavourful, the crackling, divine.

To cap it all off was the sauerkraut that came with it. The sourness of the cabbage went very well with the delicious pork for me. I needed something refreshing to cut the richness.

I actually never had sauerkraut before, didn’t even know what it was until Friday. (It makes me feel very embarrassed, but I thought for the longest time that sauerkraut was something like sardines. I first heard it mentioned in an interview with Mila Kunis on the Ellen Show about her pregnancy cravings and my brain just works in its mysterious ways sometimes.)

One of our friends were gushing over how good the pork knuckle was before and it was delightful to have this dish surpassed my expectation.

Now, here’s a part where I disagree with Kathy. She doesn’t think that we should give out a 7 at all because 7 was a perfection and there is always room to improve. I quote, “We can’t give 7s because it will stop the advancement of human kind…”.

While I can agree with her that there is always room for improvement, I still think that I should give out a 7 when it is due since in our grading system, a 7 is ‘excellent’. And I believe that this pork knuckle that we had on Friday did deserve it. It really was the star of the night for me.

Score: 7 (to Kathy’s 6) 



I can’t actually remember the name of this dish but I believe it’s sausages with fries and curry sauce.

The sauce wasn’t that curry-ish at all but it tasted good. I was, perhaps, expecting a bit more considering how well known German sausages are and the pork knuckle dish did eclipse the others so…

Score: 5 (to Kathy’s 6)



This roast half-chicken, though, was very good too. The meat wasn’t dry and still got quite a bit of flavour to it. I didn’t need the sauce to enjoy this one, hence…

Score: 6 (Kathy didn’t try this one.) 



And here’s Kathy’s chosen salad. It was very good, went very well with the rest of the meat dishes. The vinaigrette and the fresh vegetable lifted the meal up and made me enjoy everything else even more. And her, both Kathy and I agree on the score.

Score: a definite 6 


Kathy had a pint (or two) of beer which she rated 4. I had the ‘homemade lemonade‘ which went well with the meal. It wasn’t out of this world good but still a 5.


Last, but not least, dessert.


It was my birthday on Friday and so the restaurant gave me a slice of cheesecake, on the house. They also wrote my name down with chocolate sauce too which I appreciate the personal touch.

The cheesecake was good, very rich. The tartness of the raspberry sauce was fantastic with it. Would have been lovely with a cup of tea. Alas, I must confess that I always find cheesecake a tad bit too heavy after about half a slice… so the I can’t quite give it a 6.

Score: 5 


The restaurant had a live band after 8pm and had them sing me a ‘Happy Birthday’ where the other patrons joined in. I was both a bit embarrassed with the attention but I believe I had quite a big grin stretched across my face too.

So my overall experience at Paulaner is a strong 6. Would definitely go back again.


That ends my food review section. Up next, my introspection of getting another year older.

Or rather, the day itself.

(Feel free to click away now that the rambling is about to start. You have been warned.)

For the past couple of years, I’ve been down playing my birthday a bit. I suppose, as I got older, I kind of feel like I shouldn’t make that much of a big deal over my birthdays. I didn’t want to make others feel like they have to make a big fuss over it or get me gifts. It is, after all, just another day. It’s not like we make one giant leap once a year only, we get older everyday, one day at a time.

However, I do think everyone would enjoy the attention they do get. And I do too. Last year, I carried on on my birthday like it was any other weekday with the exception of my two closest friends baking me a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache icing and drove half-way across Bangkok to come ‘surprise’ me with it. (I kind of suspected it because my ‘wife’ has asked me when I’d be free but they came so late that I thought they weren’t coming after all xD.) I was insanely happy over it all.

This year I know would be different, but I was still surprised at how much was given to me.

There were cards, gifts and wishes written and drawn on a whiteboard as well as cakes. So many people came up to say happy birthday to me, not to mentioned having the happy birthday song sang to me so many times. Possibly the biggest number of times I’ve ever had.

It has touched me deeply how and where life has led me. This time last year, I was in my hometown. This year, I’m here in a new city, heck a new country where I don’t speak any of their dialects, that I never thought I’d find myself in and a new job and despite all of the changes and challenges thrown my way, still surrounded by so much love.

That was what I felt on Friday, that I was loved. And it’s one of the best feelings in the world to feel on your birthday.

So thank you. Thank you so much to everybody that has made that day special. I will not forget my 88th 27th birthday.

I am one damn lucky person.

With love,

From GZ


PS – It is freezing cold here today. Apparently, there was snow. I’m just glad that my laundry dry… Kathy and I tried to go to a cafe near by to get some work done but it was so cold that we both gave up and went home. Brrr…

PPS – And there goes my plan to sleep early for another week of work. I don’t know why but I always take so much time writing new blog posts… ^^”




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