A perfect Wednesday evening

I have been in bed for nearly an hour now and it’s just 8pm. I have my radiator on, I’m in my PJs with a laptop on my lap.

This is a perfect way to spend a mid-week night.

I haven’t been getting enough sleep for the last couple of days. It’s all because of a TV series (QAF US version). My friend introduced it to me and I’ve got my hands on all 5 seasons. They are all waiting for me on my desktop.

I’ve also developed a very bad habit of skim watching the episodes.

It started with me just checking out the pilot, which led to 4 episodes. I left it for a week or so and then on Sunday night, as a reward for finishing some of the work I’ve brought home, I started the Ep 5. Which led to me skim watching about half of Season 1.

I was reaching the point where I was becoming obsessed occupied with the series even when I wasn’t watching it that I came home on Monday and watched more. I got to about Ep 4 or 5 of Season 2 that night. Bearing in mind that I’m only skim-watching them. It is all I can spare do really with the amount of workload I have at the moment.

And so, on Monday night, I cracked and checked out the Wikipedia page for it just to get it out of my system. (I also found out that the writer of the original, British version was Russell T Davies. The man who brought Doctor Who back. Which means I need to get my hands on the UK one straightaway dammit.)

I rarely do this, I absolutely hate spoilers, but I knew that I wouldn’t be getting any rest if I don’t find out and it was starting to affect my health.

(I was right too because I felt like crap yesterday, my body contemplating whether it wants to be ill just because I was getting 7 hours of sleep rather than 8. And on Sunday, that was because I called my best and oldest friend up at 9.30 pm for a quick update which, of course, turned into an hour phone call in bed. I’ve started to recently refer to her, half-jokingly, as my ‘wife’ because I would seriously consider marrying her if I was into girls. But I digress. That can be another post entirely.)

Last night was another late night because I had to stay at work till 9 pm. A friend offered to swap the duty with me but I just wanted to get it done and over with so I don’t have to do it for another month.

Which led to how I’ve decided to be in bed at no later than 8.30 pm tonight.

I then thought better on my way back on the bus, why not just showered and get in bed as soon as I can?

Of course I got sidetrack a little once I turned on my laptop and I burned a bit of my left hand with boiling water. (Bao Fu Ling hurt so much when you first put it on. I got a bit worried and ask my mum and my best friend about it but that seems to be normal. It hurt on and off for an hour or so and now feel fine… Hmm….)

Anyway, this post has, yet again, turned into another ramble without any point. (You were warned.)  I was prompted to blog about my life in the UK and actually had an entry lined out yet that just didn’t happen.

A story for another day then.

For now, I think I might seriously considering just turning off my laptop and try to sleep. Can feel a headache coming and I can do with a 9 hours of sleep…

Yes, I have been told that I am an 88 years old lady trapped in a mid-twenties body.

I hope you are having a good week so far, only 2 more days till the weekend!

With love,

From GZ


PS – It’s like Saturday all over again today. All misty and wet and grey. Like England except with pollution.

PPS – I’ve been wearing my knitted hat indoor because it’s cold and I don’t want to get sick. I like knitted hats. Knitted hats are cool. (Because they keep me warm.)



  1. lunerissa · February 9, 2016

    LoL ur 88years old mind
    But olderly get need less sleep than us. Maybe they just nap all the time and sleep less at night.

    Marry me!! I’ll be good housewift hahahahaha


    • aprofessionalprocrastinator · February 9, 2016

      Lol, I wouldn’t mind having naps throughout the day as well even if my body doesn’t like naps too much…
      I’ll get a ring and get on my knee then! And then we can have many cats together ;p


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