A proper first post

Considering that my previous (and first ever) post was just a post-for-making-a-post sake (I do that more often that I should…), I thought I’d sit down today and write a proper post.

Except I’m not sure how I want my first ‘proper’ post to be for this brand new blog.

And like all things new and shiny, I will be super pumped about posting blog entries every single day for about a month (a wild guess here since it can be as short as a week or as long as 3 years). And then the initial excitement will die down before it becomes another blog of mine that got abandoned.

Never quite forgotten though, those old blogs. It’s one of a favourite procrastinating activities of mine, going through and reading the old blog entries.

It is like travelling back in time, now that I’ve come to think about it, it’s probably what going into a Pensieve is like and more. (And to those that get my reference without the help of Google, let’s be friends if we’re not already.)

I can almost see the person I was at that time, how her mind worked and what made her ticked. Sometimes, I see that I’m still very similar to that person. And other times, I realise how much I’ve changed.

There is one thing though that always put a smile on my face. It’s when I read through entries where I overcame my laziness and procrastinating tendency, and actually got substantial things down into words.

If I was a different, less lazy person, there would be many more blog entries about things that I really want to write about. There are lists and half finished blog entries everywhere.

But then again, that wouldn’t be me.

Back to the first ‘proper’ post.

After toying with many ideas (though the big one being a whole entry to pay tribute to Alan Rickman), I decide to just go with my fingers.

I do that a lot, just start writing things as my mind chatters and my fingers trying to keep up with it.

(I’ve been told that I can type pretty fast, and it is way faster than when I write, but still no where near as fast as my thoughts. I sometimes find myself missing out a quarter of a sentence because I was so caught up with my thought that my fingers just type out the word in my brain.)

I also tend to ramble a lot. You can probably tell from this whole post so far. I am not the most concise person in the world. I think I’m much better now but who knows.

And really, as this topic came up in the conversation last night between my friends and I (the ones that led to the creation of this blog), who’s going to read this blog? It’s most likely going to be me and a couple of close friends.

So I do enjoy reading my own rambling, since it’s still, well, me. I’ll just let my thoughts and fingers roam free here.

Which brings us to the second (or third? Or tenth? Who’s keeping count?) point of this post, what this blog going to be about.

I did toy with the idea of having a particular theme for the blog. Food is the first thing that comes to mind, or trying to be a hardcore fan and write meta-analysis over a character/book/TV episode/movie.

Except, I am quite fickle and looses interests/motivations to do work quite easily so I think I’ll stick to the thing I’ve done before when I semi-kept up with blogging.

This is going to be a journal of my life now, a collections of things that matters to me at the moment. There will be food-related posts (because I love food), fangirling going around (that used to be my get-go mode when I used to blog) and any other random things that come up because isn’t that what happens in real life?

Considering I really didn’t have a plan other than do the first introductory-ish post, I have written one long entry. That is most likely going to be a trend. I ramble. And rant. A lot. Also, my Mind Palace is a maze so what can you say. (If you also got that reference, we are likely to fangirl over at least one common fandom so let’s be friends if we’re not already.)

I also find it difficult to end a post without sounding to abrupt. But then again, it’s most likely going to be just me reading this so I suppose that is it…

Happy weekend!

With love,

From GZ

PS – There seems to be a pretty thick fog around my flat so not the liveliest Saturday I’ve experienced here… Still, a Saturday is still a Saturday. You won’t find me complaining about days off 😉



  1. THE DARK SIDE OF ME · January 16, 2016

    Oh, I can relate to what you wrote about the enthusiasm of starting a new blog and abandoning it so many times 😛


  2. prinkatwong3rd · January 16, 2016

    Got the first reference, not the second. Can we still be friends then?


  3. Xaritt · January 17, 2016

    Yes at Mind palace and Pensieve! This friendship is afoot 🙂


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